Gubi Cobra Wall Lamp

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The Cobra Wall Lamp from the Gubi collection features a unique stylistic expression that instantly sets it apart from the rest of the lamps. Not only does it showcases a distinct aesthetic, but also trendy and pragmatic looks that are infinitely contemporary in design. It’s a wall lamp that became renowned and beloved for its peculiar looks that are appreciated by customers even today.

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Brand: Gubi

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This lamp was first created by the iconic Swedish product designer Greta M. Grossman in the 1950’s. She took inspiration for the initial designs from the sinuous body movements of an actual Cobra, and efficiently translated that very unique concept in the prototypes of the cobra lamp. The end product featured a distinguished design that was, and still remains the epitome of sophisticated elegance even after all these decades.

The Cobra Wall Lamp is available in both hard wired and simple forms, and its beautiful style makes it one of the best lamps in Gubi’s extensive collection. Its basic aesthetic resembles a snake’s hood, but the overall articulation of the aesthetic is simple, straight-forward and brilliant. It emanates a soft-edged, incandescent light that is completely iconic in form as well as function.

This wall lamp features some great functional diversity in addition to its distinct formation. The shade is completely flexible and can be easily rotated an entire 360o. This allows the user to customize the flow and intensity of light that can make it a completely versatile fixture that can be used in any interior design easily.

About GUBI

GUBI is a Danish design company founded in 1967 by Lisbeth and Olsen. Gubi works on products with innovative aesthetics that are designed by Danish designers and architects. Recently, Gubi has embarked on a reissue to revisit Danish design classics.

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Data sheet
Material Steel
Dimensions Lamp height: 333 mm, Lamp depth: 144 mm, Wall base diameter: Ø168 mm, Wall base height: 20 mm, Shade height: 78 mm, Shade depth: 289 mm
Cable length 2.5m
Designer Greta M. Grossman
Brand Gubi
Made in Denmark
Light Source All fluorescens light bulbs, Halogen light bulb
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E14
Max. Watt 13W / 28W
Voltage 220-240V
Power consumption 9W / 28W
Technical information Euro plug: Type C, 2 PIN, 2,5 amp, Freqvency: 50 Hz
Weight 1.2 kg
Packaging L: 38 x W: 35 x H: 21 cm
Shade colour Black, White

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