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The Haoshi Chipmunk X Vase provides you a fresh and beautiful flower to cheer you up when you open the window of your home or office. Whether you are carrying, holding, or presenting on the back, the Chipmunk X Vase by Haoshi shows your blessing. It brings you a new beginning of the day and creates a pleasing and satisfying atmosphere, whether you place it next to the window or on your dining table.

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  • Carrying
  • Holding
  • Presenting
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Brand: Haoshi

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The Haoshi Chipmunk X Vase in Carrying, Holding, or Presenting version beautifully combines painstakingly accurate craftsmanship and modern design. The Chipmunk X Vase by Haoshi provides you with a fun way to exhibit your floral arrangements.

The Chipmunk X Haoshi Vase is a perfectly crafted vase that depicts a chipmunk that carries your much loved flower on its back. The Chipmunk X Vase design by Haoshi is manufactured of sensibly sourced glass and resin, making a matchless addition to your office or home.

Use the Haoshi Chipmunk X Vase to display your diffuser sticks, flowers, or plants in style. In addition, bring a sense of tranquil into your living space with this beautiful handmade Chipmunk X Haoshi Vase. Clever, chic, and excellent, the Chipmunk X Vase Series is available in 3 different postures that let you make an exclusive display in your living room, kitchen, outside in your garden or window still. In a nutshell, this innovative item brings life to your home or office space.

The 3 types of pleasing and cute designs of Haoshi Chipmunk X Vase is a blessing to this vase. With the Chipmunk X Vase by Haoshi, you can plug an assortment of flowers in to make bloom in several poses. In addition, you can make use of the essential oil with a diffuser stick as a diffuser.

Data sheet
Material Resin, Glass
Dimensions Carrying - W: 115 mm × D: 60 mm × H: 140 mm; Holding - W: 95 mm × D: 60 mm × H: 140 mm; Presenting - W: 90 mm × D: 60 mm × H: 150 mm
Color White
Brand Haoshi
Made in Belgium
Weight 250 g
Remarks You can put a flower or diffuser stick in the vase to decorate your home.
Cleaning instruction Glass vase is washable, take it out when need to be washed.

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