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The Haoshi Goldfish X Clock is amazing and stunning clock that will not just help you keep time in grand style, but also let you decorate your home or office elegantly. The uniqueness and high quality of Goldfish X Clock by Haoshi makes it the favorite of all clock enthusiasts.

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Brand: Haoshi

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The uniquely crafted Haoshi Goldfish X Clock with small face is the ultimate when it comes to keeping time in style. The Goldfish X Clock by Haoshi is crafted to be surrounded by 3 dimensional goldfish figurines. The Haoshi Goldfish X Clock with W100mm × D650mm × H650mm dimensions gathers nine relaxed swimming goldfish.

Nine is the symbol of flourishing fortune in the Eastern culture. The goldfish in the Goldfish X Clock symbolizes rich and lucky. On the other hand, the 9 goldfish are the symbols of permanent good luck and fortune.

The Haoshi Goldfish X Clock is produced from resin and uniquely finished with glowing gold plate. The goldfishes use their beautiful long tails to swim freely in gestures of stylishness and delicacy. In fact, they swim out of the earthly noise calmly without any rush. The graceful rhythm of the goldfishes freezes the moment forever.

On the Goldfish X Clock by floats both static and passing time goldfishes. Shadows change and dance under the sun when time passes by. The Goldfish X Haoshi Clock would record happiness with you in a single second between still and move.

However, it is noteworthy that it is not suitable to mount the Haoshi Goldfish X Clock on a leaf wall or rough wall. Fine hands are used to make the Goldfish X Haoshi Clock and it is available with a crash box.

Data sheet
Material Resin
Dimensions W: 650 mm × D: 100 mm × H: 650 mm
Weight 1 kg
Color White
Brand Haoshi
Made in Belgium
Technical information The clock works on AA batteries, which are not included.
Remarks Haoshi's Goldfish X Clock features nine calmly swimming goldfish. In Eastern culture, "number nine" symbolizes a thriving fortune. Nine goldfish symbolize lasting happiness and prosperity.

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