Hay Flare Candleholder

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Brighten and light up your living space or dining with the Hay Flare Candleholder. The Flare Candleholder by Hay is a decorative and useful everyday item that brings modern twists to any interior and décor style. The Flare Candleholder channels the clean aesthetic of Hay into table settings or wooden shelves.

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  • H: 7.5cm
  • H: 14cm
  • H: 21cm
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Brand: Hay

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The Hay Flare Candleholder is a candleholder with different sizes of H: 7.5cm, H: 14cm and H: 21cm is a modern candleholder specially designed for illuminating any space around your home or office. The Flare Candleholder by Hay distinguished by its deep amber hue is available in different beautiful contemporary colors of Pink, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Blue/Stripe, and Pink/Stripe.

The colored borosilicate glass piece of the candleholder is finished with a complementary rim that reinforces the stylish design aesthetic of the label. The colored borosilicate glass of Hay Flare Candleholder makes a distinct and chic way of displaying candles in Candleholder Flare Hay. It comes with spiraled, tonal-tinted or a contrast pattern in a wide range of colors.

The Flare Candleholder by Hay is suitable and perfect for use on a table or windowsill with the Hay candles to give your home the utmost ambience.

The Candleholder Hay Flare is designed and made from colored, mouth-blown glass and has eye-catching tinted rims and a raised cup shaped for holding a candle and a lower tray to handle the candleholder easily. However, the candle is not part of the package, meaning that you will buy it separately.

The Hay Flare Candleholder featuring tinted glass, glass candle holder, cylindrical stem, and round foot is basically a contemporary interpretation of a classic candleholder.

The transparent nature and bright colors of Flare Hay Candleholder makes it a unique and fresh addition to your home décor and table setting. In addition, the emphasize-colored edges of the candleholder enhance that playfulness of the look.

Data sheet
Material Borosilicate Glass
Dimensions Ø: 11cm x H: 7.5cm, Ø: 11cm x H: 14cm, Ø: 11cm x H: 21cm
Color Pink, Blue, Yellow, Amber, Blue/Stripe, Pink/Stripe
Brand Hay
Made in Denmark
Article Number 507951, 507952, 507953, 507954, 507955, 507956, 507957, 541217, 541218

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