Hay PC Portable Lamp

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It is rarely that a portable lamp delivers such glorious lighting. This meticulous design will definitely make you fall in love with this one of a kind lamp. The Hay PC Portable Lamp is where it's all at.

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Brand: Hay

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A lamp is a tool that packs efficiency and grace in its very design. When making a selection of one, everyone wants the lamp that will serve them well. This is the very definition of the Hay PC Portable Lamp. It doesn’t get better than this portable lamp. The lamp comes in a range of colors to choose from such as black and white, both of which can be seamlessly added to any space. The lamp is portable and thus can be used in a desired place. It also can adjust brightness, making it easy to shift with every environment. As a reading lamp, it is just perfect.

What makes this lamp great is its wireless feature. This makes the Hay PC Portable Lamp easy to use for persons from any age group and from its durable and light material, the lamp is easy to carry even while moving outside. This lamp can go for long periods with no recharge and this makes it suitable for those unexpected blackouts. The lamp emits a glorious glow that will definitely inspire joy and comfort. With the Hay PC Portable Lamp, huge electricity bills will be a thing of the past and you will always have a reliable lamp to turn to.

Data sheet
Material ABS PP
Dimensions W: 14 cm X D: 14 cm X H: 22 cm
Color Olive, Cream White, Soft Black
Designer Pierre Charpin
Brand Hay
Made in Denmark
Light Source LED
Number of lamps 1
Socket type lamp G4
Max. Watt 3.5W
Voltage 220-240V
Appliance classes Class III
Colour temperature 3000K
Dimmer switch Touch Step Dimmer
Power - Lumens 220lm
CRI 75
Dimmable Yes
Article Number 4104312009000, 4104313009000, 4104311009000

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