Heatsail Glow Outdoor Pendant with Infrared Heating

New product

GLOW by Heatsail is timeless outdoor light with heating. Available in a set of 3 or 5 units

  • Control light and heating separately
  • FAR-infrared technology
  • Powder coated aluminium profile, can stay outside whole year long
  • Optional ceiling module for group mounting.
  • Designed and made in Belgium

More details

1 819,00 €vat incl.

2 140,00 €vat incl.


Special Sales Weekend: only  left to get your discount.

  • Set of 3 - Single ceiling roses
  • Set of 3 - Straight Ceiling Rose 1.2m
  • Set of 5 - Single ceiling roses
  • Set of 5 - Straight Ceiling Rose 2.2m
  • Set of 5 - Round Ceiling Rose
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • No - only control with wall switches
Shipped within 2-3 weeks

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Brand: Heatsail

More info

Enjoy every day and evening sitting outside with family and friends even when it gets colder outside. Appreciate the experience, the place and the moments you create outside.

Suspend each piece separately, or opt for one of the optional ceiling modules to suspend them in a circle or in a line. You can also opt for a control box with which you can dim the lights using a remote control and switch the heating on.

The light can be used with or without the heating. You can simply dim the light with the optional remote control. When it gets chilly just turn on the integrated heating. Discrete far-infrared heating elements give you the most pleasant warmth. Control your surrounding temperature with our 2 heat settings, low and high for all those cosy spring or autumn days and nights. 

Rust free & weatherproof

The GLOW collecion is made of high quality materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Low energy usage, zero CO2 emission

The GLOW collection uses less energy than the traditional gas heaters. Because the GLOW collection is 100% electric, it doesn’t emit CO2 and has a low energy consumption.

Low maintenance

By using highly efficient and durable ceramic heating elements, combined with the best materials, the GLOW collection is virtually maintenance free.


Comfortable warmth without a red glow.

Stem Mounting Option

The GLOW collection can be suspended on stainless steel stems for windy applications. The stainless steel stems with a diameter of 10 mm have a length of 1m20 and can be shortened to the desired length.  

About Heatsail

Heatsail is a Belgian design company established in 2012 that has redefined the luxury lighting and heating space. We develop unique technical outdoor products to create longlasting experiences by extending the finest moments of a beautiful day.

Data sheet
Material Powder Coated Aluminium Profile
Dimensions Module: ø: 17 cm - H: 17 cm;
Weight 2,5 kg / module
Color Midnight
Cable length Cable: 150 cm - Stems (optional): 120 cm
Cable color Black
Brand Heatsail
Made in Belgium
Date of design 2022
Light Source LED
Watt Heating power each module: 600 W Illumination output each module: max. 40 W (halogen) or max. 10 W (LED)
Voltage 230V AC - 50Hz - 2,8 A (European version)
Dimmer switch Light dimmable with wall switch
Suitable for outdoor use Yes

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