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A playful and artistic side to the interior design of a home

The Cyrcus Lavagna is a handmade Italian pendant with blackboard-effect. Whose day isn’t made by finding a lovingly placed note first thing in morning? This is a lamp for anybody want a unique contemporary and industrial touch with soft colors.

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Cyrcus Lavagna story

The Cyrcus Lavagna is part of the Matt collection, a true tribute to matter. The collection of lamps includes three lines, all entirely modeled by hand: Lavagna, Cemento and Nebula, made with profoundly diverse materials, yet similar in the capacity of sending out feelings of touch and atmosphere.

Lavagna (blackboard) has been created with the idea of evocating positive images, that belong to all of us, like the first day of school, the drawings on the school desk, the colored pencils. Its most appealing characteristic is the surface, made purposely to be written on and erased, exactly like a blackboard, lived day by day in a light and playful manner.

These highly aesthetic lamps are lined with a special mix of Laprene and Nebulite alongside with a blackboard-effect resin. No one has mastered the interplay of materials quite like the designer Oçilunam working for In-es.artdesign. Whether based in the contrast of light versus shadow, black versus colour, or an exciting mix of materials, the Italian artist’s lamps are guaranteed to be be anything but monotone.

Brand & Designer

In-es.artdesign started in 2003 as a new creative project in the Italian industrial scene. Art and design for interiors (in) and exteriors (es), light and shadow become one, to give shape to lamps and elements for the decoration of interiors and exteriors. Today the company is recognized on an international level in the field decorative illumination. A revolutionary concept distant from the traditional rules of Industrial Design and from handcraft, realized through the innovative figure of the artist/ designer. A distinctive trait of the Firm is the careful attention to the details, and to the selection of the materials. Each product goes through a strict quality control to guarantee its excellence.


Having studied esthetics, design and painting in several European cities, the artist/designer Oçilunam has received international recognition. He has participated in both individual and collective exhibitions. With his work ultimately exploring the symbol of the moon and the lunar matter. Interwoven together with the esthetic object and the idea of light, these elements provide the basis for his creations. 

Data sheet
Material Effect Resin Blackboard, Laprene, Nebulite, Nylon
Dimensions Ø: 40 cm x H: 22.5 cm
Color Gold - Orange - Red - Turquoise - White
Cable length 1.3m
Cable color Black
Designer Oçilunam
Brand In-es.artdesign
Made in Italy
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 60W

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