Kartell All Saints Mirror

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The Kartell All Saints Mirror is created with a faultless finish. This gives the mirror distinctive reflections when it produces light. This modern mirror is unique and stands out from the crowd because it is in different tones such as transparent amber, metallic gold, transparent tangerine, transparent crystal, and metallic chrome.

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Brand: Kartell

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The Kartell All Saints Mirror is a fantastic and wonderful circle mirror that gives a submersed play of reflections when lit. All Saints Mirror by Kartell offers a distinct touch that calls to mind a heritage nuance. This mirror is a very versatile and flexible design masterpiece for creating essential and modern settings or outside the box or eccentric surroundings because it allows you to switch from precisions to silver and chrome-plated gold models.

The Kartell All Saints Mirror is available in a wide range of beautiful and attractive colors such as Metallic Gold, Amber, Crystal, Aquamarine Green, Tangerine Orange, Glossy, White, Glossy Black, Nude Pink, Metallic Chrome, and Metallized Copper. In addition, you can get All Saints Mirror with lighting or without lighting. On the other hand, this mirror fits well in the bedroom, living room, and entranceway.

The pleated and sophisticated textures of All Saints Mirror by Kartell allow the circular, plastic frame to glitter and refract light, which brings a haloing effect to the surroundings of any mirrored surface. It is a leading and unmatched product on the market due to its effectiveness and unique attributes. Its playfulness, shape, and glowing color shades makes it the best of the Italian modern designs. As far as predominant materials are concerned, Kartell All Saints Mirror has created a wide range of plastic advancements like improved softness, transparency, durability, and flexibility.

Data sheet
Material Transparent or mass-coloured PMMA, Metallic PMMA, Transparent or batch-dyed PMMA with lighting; Third Material: Mirror
Dimensions Ø: 78 cm x D: 4.5 cm
Weight Without Lighting - 4.9 kg; With Lighting - 5.4 kg
Color Metallic Gold, Amber, Crystal, Aquamarine Green, Tangerine Orange, Glossy, White, Glossy Black, Nude Pink, Metallic Chrome, Metallized Copper
Designer Ludovica + Roberto Palomba
Brand Kartell
Made in Italy
Date of design 2013
Light Source With Lighting version - 16.5W LED 2700°K
Voltage With Lighting version - 220 - 240 V
IP With Lighting version - IP44
Packaging 87 x 85 x 11 cm
Remarks Fireproof: Not Fireproof Usage: Indoor

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