Kartell Gè Pendant Lamp

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Ge Pendant Lamp has a unique style that builds a bridge between two time-periods. The creation of the design was through keeping the older generation customers and vintage collectors in mind. However, its convenient usage and compact size have made it immensely across customers of all generations.

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Brand: Kartell

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Kartell Gè Pendant Lamp is a throwback to old school Venetian chandeliers. Ferruccio Laviani created this historic Ge Pendant Lamp to revive a unique design that was famous during its times and attempted to relaunch it in our modern world. It fulfills the appetite of those crazed antique lovers and successfully carves out a place in the lamp industry. Its main selling point is nostalgia, but it offers customers a wide color choice; the lamps are available with transparent colors such as yellow, blue, magenta, green as well as opaque ones such as chrome, white gold, and black gold.

The product is 26 cm high and has a diameter length of 37 cm, making it a small pendant suitable for usage over dining or coffee tables. The pendant's utility makes it a viable choice for lighting in study rooms in your homes. The design of the product brings a sense of Deja Vu for the older generation. Millennials who have seen such designs on televisions are personally able to witness it. It brings about a relaxing atmosphere to the homes of its customers having the presence of a kind parent. The pendant is compact; thus, usage in series or parallel arrangements can produce a more astounding display to amaze guests on suitable occasions.

The raw materials that Kartell uses are entirely recyclable and can be given a new lease of life thanks to material machining processes for industrial-use products. Technological research and development, today just like seventy years ago, enables the company to continue to find materials that can be regenerated and which have no negative impact on the environment.
All product packaging is made of recyclable and regenerable material.

The entire production process supply chain sees Kartell committed to safeguarding the environment and observing sustainability protocols. Every day, Kartell is directly and wholeheartedly involved in laying the foundations and building its story, which is the story of products designed and created thanks to partnerships and investments in technological innovation, creative solutions and new materials that deliver ever-better performance and eco-friendly credentials.

Data sheet
Material Polycarbonate 2.0 from transparent or mass-dyed renewable raw material
Dimensions Ø: 37 cm x H: 26 cm
Color Structure Color: Glossy Opaque, Transparent
Designer Ferruccio Laviani
Brand Kartell
Made in Italy
Recommended bulbs E26 type G max 70W Globo Halo 2700°K
Voltage 220-240V
Technical information Alternative sources: E27 max 25W Fluo Globo, E27 12W Globo Led
Weight 1.8kg
Remarks Fireproof: Not Fireproof, Usage: Indoor
Colour temperature 2700K (warm white light)
Packaging 43 X 34 X 43 cm
Date of design 2005
Shade colour Glossy Black/Gold Metallic, Glossy White/Gold Metallic, Crystal, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow
Article Number 09082KK, 09082JJ, 09080B4, 09082XX, 09080P1, 09080P4, 09080P2, 09080P8

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