Kartell Light-Air Table Lamp

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Ever wondered that you could prove Newton and Einstein wrong. In Kartell Light-Air Table Lamp, you will see a design that has challenged your understanding of gravity. Its creative design creates the perception in the users' minds that gravity can be overcome and is its greatest self-tactic in promoting itself.

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Brand: Kartell

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One of the most celebrated modern-day designers in Spain, Eugeni Quitllet, envisioned the Kartell Light-Air Table Lamp, creating a product that has sent shock waves in the minds of both the lamp making industry and the customers purchasing it. His innovative style created a design that has seemingly defied gravity, a law that is the basis of how our scientists interpret the creation of the world. Its unique design captures the imagination of its customers like a hook catching a fish. The production of the lamp was such that it would create an illusion in the minds of its customers of there being a vibrant, floating lampshade.

The lamp measurements are 17 cm wide, 32 cm high, and 7.4 cm deep. The lamp is composed of plastic, supported by a 3D printed frame.It is relatively light in weight, weighing just 1.1 kg. These measurements garner attention from the guests visiting in your homes as it can be placed as a decorative piece in any place in your house. Hotel managers highly seek out the product as they are looking for an X factor design that differentiates their hotels from its competitors. The lamp is setting the course for the industry's future to a more innovative path and is sure to lead a revolution that brings about more thought-provoking designs in the future.

Data sheet
Material Frame: Transparent thermoplastic technopolymer; Diffuser: Transparent thermoplastic technopolymer covered in fabric
Dimensions H: 32 cm x W: 17 cm x D: 14 cm
Color Beige, Pink, Light Blue, Amber, Crystal, Black/Crystal, Pink with Fabric, Light Blue with Fabric
Designer Eugeni Quitllet
Brand Kartell
Made in Italy
Light Source Halogen
Recommended bulbs E12 type B max 28W Halo 2700°K
Socket type lamp E12
Voltage 220-240V
Technical information Alternative sources: E14 max 28W Halo, E14 max 5W Led
Weight 1.05 kg
Remarks Fireproof: Not Fireproof, Usage: Indoor
Colour temperature 2700K (warm white light)
Packaging 23 X 41 X 16 cm
Date of design 2013
Article Number 09110BE, 09110AZ, 09110RO, 09135B4, 09135E6, 09135AM, 09135AZ, 09135RO

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