Kartell Take Table Lamp

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A brand new table lamp, in modern and fun colors, the Kartell Take Table Lamp shows us that traditional design can be modernized and made to fit into a more modern décor.

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Brand: Kartell

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The once classic design of the table lamp has been given a makeover by the Kartell Company. Using modern technology and industrial materials, the Kartell Take Table Lamp has come to show us the fun side of lighting. The table lamps are made of transparent or colored injected polycarbonate.

The design of the table lamp consists of two parts, comes from the joining of two joined symmetrical parts: two flat, rectangular and two-dimensional plates, each assuming the shape and volume of a half-lamp. The Kartell Take Table Lamp has interior pleating, making the lamp more elaborative, and allowing the light to play and move once turned on.

The raw materials that Kartell uses are entirely recyclable and can be given a new lease of life thanks to material machining processes for industrial-use products. Technological research and development, today just like seventy years ago, enables the company to continue to find materials that can be regenerated and which have no negative impact on the environment.
All product packaging is made of recyclable and regenerable material.

The entire production process supply chain sees Kartell committed to safeguarding the environment and observing sustainability protocols. Every day, Kartell is directly and wholeheartedly involved in laying the foundations and building its story, which is the story of products designed and created thanks to partnerships and investments in technological innovation, creative solutions and new materials that deliver ever-better performance and eco-friendly credentials.

This lamp is a great addition to any interior space that seeks to be modern, fun and young.

Data sheet
Material Polycarbonate 2.0 from transparent or mass-dyed renewable raw material
Dimensions W: 18.5 cm x H: 30 cm
Color Amber, Orange, Sea Blue, Heavy White, Blue, Fume, Yellow, Heavy Black, Pink, Red, Green, Olive Green, Crystal
Designer Ferruccio Laviani
Brand Kartell
Made in Italy
Light Source 1x Halogen-Drop E14/28W
Bulb included Yes
Voltage 220-240V
Appliance classes Class II
Technical information Energy efficiency grade C included
Weight 0.71 kg
Depth 17.5 cm

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