Kidywolf Kidynight Dino Kids Night Light


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Kidywolf Kidynight Dino Kids Night Light is a nice choice at bedtime for children who are worried of holding flash lights to read books in bed. The cute Dino Kidywolf Kidynight Kids Night Light produces soft light without harsh light that will harm the eyes of your children.

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Brand: Kidywolf

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Do you want to create a warm atmosphere to soothe your kids while sleeping? Look no further than the Kidywolf Kidynight Dino Kids Night Light. The touch of function of Dino Kids Kidywolf Kidynight Light gives you the opportunity to select your light mode; colored or white.

This is night light that offers a calm, soft light for kids of all ages, making children fall asleep faster and enjoy a nice night rest without having fear of the dark.

The Kidywolf Kidynight Dino Kids Night Light comes with build-in rechargeable batteries with great Battery life in order for you to carry the light around easily.

As long as the battery is charged, it will last all night. This cute Dino Kids Kidywolf Kidynight Dino Night Light becomes very handy in windy and stormy weather.

With the rolling outages, Dino Kidywolf Kidynight Kids Night Light offers a high degree of light at night and is super attractive and eye-catching. The package includes a charging cord for effective functioning.

Data sheet
Material Soft silicone texture
Color White
Brand Kidywolf
Made in Belgium
Light Source LED
Technical information LED multi-color night light: 2 different intensities of white and a multitude of colors. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (1200mAh), USB charging. Up to 12 hours of continuous autonomy.
Article Number KIDYNIGHT-DI
Details KIDYNIGHT is a night light in the shape of a Dinosaur. The essential night light that will accompany and soothe your children during their sleep.
Cleaning instruction You will easily remove the silicone form to wash it in your dishwasher. Your KIDYLAMP will always be kept clean.

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