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The Kidywolf Kidytalk Talkie-Walkies are the right Talkie-Walkies that keep kids and other people stay connected with each other, making them vital and indispensable for survival. Talkie-Walkies by Kidywolf Kidytalk are fashioned to be light and small, avoiding needless weight.

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Brand: Kidywolf

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Do you want your kid to stay connected with you or a friend? Then go for the friendly and colorful Kidywolf Kidytalk Talkie-Walkies. The Talkies-Walkies Kidywolf Kidytalk with huge transmitting range is available in different colors of Green/Orange, Blue/Red.

Talkie-Walkies from Kidywolf Kidytalk can make the difference in the autonomy of children, helping them get out there to have some fun. On the other hand, these Talkie-Walkies give kids the sense of freedom they need while you will still be there when your attention is required by them.

You can organize one for yourself and journey along with them — from a suitable distance. The Kidywolf Kidytalk Talkie-Walkies is the best communication gadget for kids on the market today. They keep children connected with their siblings, friends, and particularly with you, even when they are hiding out in their bathrooms.

What’s even cooler concerning Kidywolf Kidytalk Talkie-Walkies is that it can reach that far to connect with someone who is within a couple of kilometers away from home. Your children can get a lot of vibes of obtaining a fancy gadget with Talkie-Walkies. It is a small durable radio kids can clip on their trousers or hang around their necks.

Talkie-Walkies Kidywolf Kidytalk lets adults and kids communicate at about 6km away. The device features a rechargeable battery that can endure many days of use. Talkie-Walkies with belt clip, hand strap, flashlight, and backlight is perfect for children from 5 to 7 years of age.

Data sheet
Color Green/Orange, Blue/Red
Brand Kidywolf
Made in Belgium
Technical information Battery Type- Lithium; Two-way Walkie-Talkie, 3-6 km distance, 16 channels, License-free PMR 446, Backlit screen, Belt clip, Flashlight, more than 2 KIDYTALK can be connected.
Details Walkie-talkies for young and old The KIDYTALK will allow young and old to communicate up to 6 km away. KIDYTALK has its own rechargeable battery for long hours of conversation.

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