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Even with clear indications of classic design and its excellence, the company Le Klint still managed to create something really special and new. The Swirl lamp is not only a fine example of modern lighting - this is a real "Vortex" in your interior.

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Brand: Le Klint


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Le Klint Swirl is probably the most quiet and pleasant whirlwind with which you have encountered in your life. Transparency and shape of the lamp with its spiral panel scatters lights are suitable for all needs of lighting, while the lamp becomes very aesthetically pleasing and highly attractive to any space. 

The Swirl series exist in 2 colors, white and copper. They also exist in 3 different forms and different sizes. But not every size is available in every form, so to make it more easier for you here is the list of all combinations available:

  • Swirl 1 - Medium - H 33cm x DIA 45cm - White or copper
  • Swirl 2 - Small - H 23cm x DIA 18cm - White or copper
  • Swirl 2 - Medium - H 45cm x DIA 36cm - White or copper
  • Swirl 2 - Large - H 70 cm x DIA 55cm - White or copper
  • Swirl 3 - Small - H 30 cm x DIA 32cm - White or copper
  • Swirl 3 - Medium - H 35cm x DIA 40cm - White or copper
  • Swirl 3 - Large - H 60cm x DIA 65cm - White or copper

Beautiful closure at the bottom of the Vortex also makes it an ideal lamp capable to uniquely decorate any room - in the center of furniture or to make some other interesting combinations. 


What else speaks in favor of this undoubted contemporary lighting option - Le Klint Swirl is a pendant designed in the manner to prevent unpleasant glare from the light source. So you can safely allow it to swirl in a whirlwind of your interior filled with elegance, aesthetics and modern elements. 

Use Le Klint Swirl model in any room or even hang it over the bed, without fear that the light from an incandescent lamp will be hit in the eye.

Data sheet
ColorWhite And Copper
BrandLe Klint
Made inDenmark
Light SourceIncl. 11 W Low Energy Bulb

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