Lightyears Atomheart Pendant

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No angle is quite like the others, and the shape of the lamp therefore changes as you move around it. When the Atomheart pendant is lit, the design of the fancy glass sphere creates beautiful contrasts, and the lamp appears as a unique light source with an expression of its own.

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  • P1: Ø: 25cm x H: 19.1cm
Delivery: 1 week.

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Brand: Lightyears

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The Atomheart story

Atomheart has been created with inspiration from the Sci-Fi design universe, where everything is possible and nothing is inconceivable. As such Sci-Fi and Atomheart are a tribute to imagination as one of mankind’s most important qualities. The lamp itself is a fantasy of the classic presentation of the atom, where the paths of the particles form concentric lines around the nucleus and together sketch out a dynamic spherical body.

When the lamp is lit, the design of the shade forms contrasts which enhance the impression of the form of the glass, where no two angles are alike, but change all the way round. So the lamp appears as a complex and distinctive light source with a life of its own.

The Atomheart pendant comes in two sizes:
P1: The small lamp = Ø 25cm 
P2: The big lamp = Ø 40cm 

The Atomheart fabrication process

The Atomheart pendant lamps are made of hand-blown acid frosted opal glass in three layers, which in the pendant lamps encircle the light source all the way round and are crowned by a white high-gloss suspension.

Brand & Designer

Lightyears Logo

Lightyears takes pride in creating luminous lighting products that combine tradition and renewal. The core ambition of their collection lies in the fusion of the young and the established. They love the curiosity and boldness of the up-and-coming generation, and they respect the skill and the trained eye of the experienced designers.

Their collection offers modern interpretations of everyday lighting products, and they hope that their collection can shed light on new takes on how and where to use contemporary illumination. This season Lightyears proudly present three new lamps created by some of Europe’s most renowned and talented designers. They hope you’ll love them as much as they do.

Lightyears Material  Lightyears Material  Lightyears Material

Product Philosophy

Lightyears does not put just any lamp into production. The most important requirement is a fusion of form and function, and that the lamp provides optimum illumination. Every single detail must have its own purpose, and not exist purely for the sake of design.

The combination of progressive and timeless aesthetics is the golden thread that runs through all of our product series, tangibly expressed through functional design and refined lighting technology. Thus, their product assortment presents a new and pioneering order of modern design and quality illumination. In this sense, they know that their name brings obligation. But it also proves their commitment to being light years ahead!

Lightyears Material  Lightyears Material

All the production is handmade by experienced craftsman.

Morten Voss

Morten Voss

Born 1964, Denmark

The autodidact designer, Morten Voss, is one of the finest exponents of the new generation of Danish designers. The ability to combine forms and materials in an original and challenging design is his trademark. Despite his starting point in the Danish, functional design inheritance he has no problem in going his own way or breaking conventions.

Morten is the founder and co-owner of the studio Voss Co Living, where he works with design of furniture, objects and interior design.

In developing his designs for Lightyears, Morten has been inspired by the Sci-Fi design universe, where everything is possible and nothing is inconceivable. His overall objective is to create functional and aesthetic added value.

Morten Voss has a penchant for using familiar materials in innovative and striking fashion. Aeon Rocket is the result of his vision of combining metal and polypropylene in a single design. The result is a real pleasure to the eye. This imaginative lamp is the first pendant in history to take full advantage of the luminous qualities of these materials simultaneously in the same pendant”

Data sheet
Material Shade: Hand-blown, acid frosted opal glass in three layers, Suspension: Die-cast zinc alloy
Dimensions P1: Ø: 25cm x H: 19.1cm - P2: Ø: 40cm x H: 30.6cm
Color White
Cable length 3m
Cable color White
Designer Morten Voss
Brand Lightyears
Made in Denmark
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp P1: E14 - P2: E27
Max. Watt P1: Max 40W - P2: Max 100W
Appliance classes Class II
Weight P1: 2.3kg - P2: 6kg

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