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The Nyhavn Wall Outdoor lamp, designed by the pair Alfred Homann and Ole V. Kjaer, holds a traditional take on a modern styled light fixture. While the white version takes on a to-date type style, the brushed copper, leaves owners the flexibility of placing the lamp in a traditional styled area.

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The lamp design is built as a conical shade, which directs light downwards through a wide beam of light. Like most lamps, this outdoor style uses the inside color to create a comfortable and uniform light distribution, by leaning towards a white matt painted surface. 

The rings of the lamp design contain the light, so that it does not lead astray and is more focused. There is, however, a tiny amount of light that is released at the top which allows the shade and lamp to be illuminated from itself. 

The shade and top of the lamp are made from spun aluminium or spun copper, based on the color of which it is ordered. The enclosure of the lamp is of clear glass, which allows for peripheral and total visibility, while protecting the lamp itself. The wall box is made of die cast aluminium, while the arm of the lamp is left with a red brass finish, copperplated, or from steel. 

The lamp is insured with ingress and electric shock protection, which allows full safety and security while being place outside. However sturdy and heavy it might be, the lamp in copper version can also be degraded to a verdigris finish when it is untreated. Though it is a small side result of that particular version, the inconsistent surface finish also holds a character that will tie into the theme and style of your outdoor area.

Data sheet
MaterialShades: Spun aluminium or spun copper. Enclosure: Clear glass. Top: Spun aluminium or spun copper. Wall box: Die cast aluminium. Wall box cover: Spun aluminium or spun copper. Arm: Copperplated, red brass or steel.
DimensionsWidth: 445, Height: 215, Diameter: 310 Ø
Cable length10-14.5mm
DesignerAlfred Homann & Ole V. Kjæ
BrandLouis Poulsen
Made inDenmark
WeightMin: 3.1 kg Max: 5.0 kg
RemarksThe conical shade ensures comfortable light that is directed downwards in a wide beam. The shade interior has a white matt painted surface, ensuring uniform light distribution. The rings ensure that a stray light is controlled.

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