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The lamp design by Poul Henningsen is a light fixture, specifically offered in a copper finish for a traditional look. The sturdy lamp weight, at 6.8 kg allows for stability in an outdoor setting and can be used not only outside the back or front of your house, but can be set in a public area, like sidewalk areas. 

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Brand: Louis Poulsen

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The lamp uses a three shade system, which is visible in the design and directs the light being used downward. This is specifically useful when being used to light up a pathway, such as an outdoor sidewalk. 

Just as most lamps as well, this lamp fixture has a matt white painted on the inside of the shade so that the light that is being emitted is comfortable and distributed equally. The outside of the shade is made of spun copper, while the wall box is copperplated and made of spun brass. The arm of the lamp is copperplated and made of spin brass. 

From the outdoor design, the PH Wall Outdoor lamp is a unique fit for an area in which is in need of a lowly lit light source. Though the character of the lamp sets it apart from most outdoor lamps, the low lighting creates a simple and mellow ambience. 

The copper designed color is a great match with the actual color of the lamp light. This gives a fluidity to not only the lamp out to the light emission, but also extends to where the light hits and its surrounding area. This creates a warm and traditional ambience for your outdoor setting.

Data sheet
Material Shades: Spun copper. Wall box: Copperplated, spun brass. Arm: Copperplated, brass.
Dimensions Ø : 450 x H: 290 x L: 505
Color Copper, Brushed
Designer Poul Henningsen
Brand Louis Poulsen
Made in Denmark
Weight Min: 6.8 kg Max: 6.8 kg
Remarks The fixture is designed based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the light downwards. The shades have a matt white painted inside to ensure diffuse, comfortable light distribution.

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