Louis Poulsen VL45 Pendant

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The Louis Poulsen VL45 Pendant is a one of a kind lamps that not only brings elegance but also great craftsmanship and a mind-blowing sense of style. Its bright and warm glow light up every place it is used. This lovely pendant lamp is truly what anyone would ever want.

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432,65 €vat incl.

509,00 €vat incl.


  • Ø 25cm
  • Ø: 37cm
Shipped within 3-4 weeks

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Brand: Louis Poulsen


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The Louis Poulsen VL45 Pendant is a well-designed and energy efficient lamp that is manufactured from durable yet environmentally friendly materials that can be easily recycled. With its circular design and a bright bulb incorporated in, it stands out among the numerous lamps available. This lamp can be used in many spaces such as home offices and workspaces and various rooms in the house as all you require is a high ceiling. The consistent glow from the Louis Poulsen VL45 Pendant makes it a perfect fit for work stations as it eliminates strain in visibility that is common among many table lamps. This feature of the table lamp makes it very appealing to many.

The Louis Poulsen VL45 Pendant brings an elegant and meticulous design that is very eye catching. This lamp will transform your space into an irresistible magnificence that everyone will want to be in. This table lamp is designed in a way to distribute its glow throughout the room, while taking up minimal energy. With this table lamp you will not have to worry about high electricity bills. The Louis Poulsen VL45 Pendant is also designed to protect its users’ eyes from the flicking that is associated with many table lamps and with this you are assured of strong eyes.

Data sheet
Material Shade: Mouth-blown glossy white opal glass. Pendant tube: Brushed brass.
Dimensions Ø : 250/370 x H: 328/448
Weight Min: 1.9 kg Max: 4.0 kg
Color Glossy white opal glass, brushed brass
Cable length 4.4m
Cable color White
Designer Vilhelm Lauritzen
Brand Louis Poulsen
Made in Denmark
Technical information Electric shock protection I w. Ground.
Remarks The fixture provides uniform, general and diffuse illumination. The opening at the bottom of the glass produces downwards directed light. The quality of the glas sensures that the fixture is evenly lit.

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