Luceplan Berenice Desk Lamp

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This lamp is light and well balanced. It can be easily moved to bring the light where it is desired. The parabolic reflector in aluminium or coloured pressed glass emits a concentrated beam that is perfect for reading.

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  • D12EL
  • D12Elpt
  • D12ELpi
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Brand: Luceplan


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This lamp was designed by Paolo Rizzatto and Alberto Meda for Luceplan. It counts as one of the most important design classics among the table lights for the Italian house.

The lamp is made from metal parts in die-cast aluminium reinforced nylon frictional joint, rynite head, parabolic reflector in pressed glass or metal. The diffusers are satin white, rose, yellow, sage green, alu, black or brass.

The Luceplan Berenice Desk Lamp is available with base and clamp. It is the inimitable founding product in a new type range of small sprung-jointed lamps.

The fluid articulation of its movements and its perfect stability make this lamp easy to move around without occupying precious space and with less trouble. The light operates with a transformer that allows low tension current to reach the bulb through its rods without electric wiring. Its figure remains slim and elegant. With a special distancer housed in the lower part of the head, the light can be brought very close to whatever needs to be illuminated, while maintaining the right and a safe distance from objects. The light can be moved in any direction by simply touching the head ring, which is well insulated and independent from the bulb housing.

The main features of the Luceplan Berenice Desk Lamp are stepless joint movements, focused illumination, swivelling lamp head 360 degrees for precise direction of the light source.

The lamps traditional glass reflector leaves room for the innovative magnesium dissipator leaving the aesthetic value of the product unaltered.

The Luceplan Berenice Desk Lamp is ideal for busy desktops.

Data sheet
Material Metal parts in diecast aluminium, reinforced nylon frictional joints, rynite head parabolic reflector in metal or pressed glass.
Dimensions D12EL - Arms: L: 45 + 45 cm, Base: Ø 15 cm, Head: Ø 10.2 cm; D12EL pi - Arms: L: 45 + 45 cm, Head: Ø 10.2 cm; D12EL pt - Arms: L: 30 + 30 cm, Base: Ø 13.5 cm, Head: Ø 10.2 cm
Color Structure in aluminium, black Glass reflector in satin white, rose, yellow, sage green; Metal reflector in aluminium, black, brass
Designer Alberto Meda/Paolo Rizzatto
Brand Luceplan
Made in Italy
Light Source D12EL, D12EL pi.: 30W/12V HSGST GY6.35 LED 2W G4 3000K; D12EL pt: 35W/12V HSGST GY6.35
Appliance classes Class III
Date of design 1985

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