Marset Funiculi Wall Lamp

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Inspired by “funicular” movement, this simplistic, yet functional lamp is one of the best additions in the Marset Collection. It is the essence of useful combined with sophisticated glossy colors. The ease of access makes this 360-degree lamp one of the most useful.

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Brand: Marset

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The Marset Funiculi Wall Lamp was originally designed in 1979 by Lluís Porqueras. Marset has now launched a new edition of the same 1979 model. The designer, Lluís Porqueras, had always wanted his designs to reflect and absolute and obvious simplicity. To do this, he stripped his designs of any extras, or any unnecessary features, allowing the essence and simple usefulness to emanate from their true form. After more than 30 years, the Marset Funiculi remains one of the most contemporary designs launched by Marset, both in its pure forms and features. The Marset Funiculí Wall Lamp was added and launched in 2013.

The name Funiculí comes from the upward and downward movement know as “funicular” action. The Marset Funiculí Wall Lamp features a mechanism for raising and lowering the lamp. This mechanism uses a pair of clips. These clips make it extremely easy to change the height of the shade to meet the needs that are required. Similarly, the shade can be rotated 360º to point the beam of light wherever wanted. The Marset Funiculí Wall Lamp is available in five glossy colors. They include black, off-white, red, blue, and moss grey. The base and stem of the Marset Funiculi Wall Lamp is lacquered iron. The shade is made of lacquered aluminum.

Data sheet
Material Stem and wall clip in lacquered iron. Shade made of lacquered aluminium.
Dimensions Ø: 15.5 cm X H: 49.2 cm
Color Moss grey, Off-white, Black, Red, Blue
Cable color Black
Designer Lluís Porqueras
Brand Marset
Made in Spain
Recommended bulbs E14 HSGSP/C/UB 46W E14 LED 5W
Socket type lamp E14
Date of design 2013
Width 29.5 cm

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