Marset Scantling A Wall Lamp

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This geometric, archetypal lamp is the combination of ingenuity and decoration. This lamp emanates a welcoming, and homey feel. The Scantling Wall Lamp is a high precision lamp that is effective and fashionable.

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Brand: Marset

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Scantling is the term for a set of standard dimensions for parts of a structure.

The Marset Scantling Wall Lamp was designed by Mathias Hahn. It was released for purchase by marset in 2010. The Marset Scantling Wall Lamp is a unique and wonderful combination of the basic geometric shapes and the use of wood. This combination together with metal, give these lamps a homey and welcoming appearance. However, the lamps has a unique and clearly defined personality.

Using the arms and hinges, the shade fully rotates. The Scantling Wall has such technical precision, that the lamp easily maintains the selected precision. Scantling is a term used to define the specific size to which a piece of wood (or stone) is measured and cut. The name is derived from the name of an old unit of measurement.

The interaction of the different elements used in the Marset Scantling Wall Lamp design gives this lamp an archetypal, and a close graphic appearance. The base of the Scantling Wall Lamp has a lacquered iron stem and base. The solid oak arm supports the lacquered, aluminum shade. The on/off switch is built into the lamp’s diffuser. The structure of the lamp is available in White-oak and Black-oak. The shade is available in White or Black. Used alone for a spotlight, or in a group for emphasis, this lamp is sure to please anybody.

Data sheet
Material Lacquered iron structure. Solid oak arm supports a lacquered aluminium shade. The switch is built into the wall plate.
Dimensions Ø: 9.5 cm X H: 19.5 cm
Color White-oak, Black-oak
Cable color Black
Designer Mathias Hahn
Brand Marset
Made in Spain
Recommended bulbs E27 LED Reflector 8W E27 PAR20 50W
Socket type lamp E27
Weight 1.2kg
Remarks Base: Ø: 13.5 cm
Packaging 35 x 30 x 18 cm
Date of design 2010
Shade colour White, Black
Article Number A626-007, A626-021

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