Marset Scotch Club Wall Lamp

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Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah have designed a very original wall lamp with an attractive colour palette. 

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  • Ø: 30cm
  • Ø: 40cm
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

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Brand: Marset

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Manufactured according to a meticulous and traditional design process, the lamps are baked four times, using enamels specially designed for this collection, and incorporate warm, high-quality materials such as gold.

The warmth of the device's ceramic contrasts with the faceted edges of the sphere, giving the impression that it blinks with the eye in a playful way.

Available in white, terracotta or black ceramic, with gold or white enamel interiors, the collection is completed by two wall models, incorporating a lacquered metal reflector inside the canopy that transmits multiple reflections and makes this device ideal as a decorative element.

Two types of models exist:

- Scotch Club A 40 : Ø40cm x D 14,7cm
Bulbs: 2x G9 ECO 33W or 2x G9 LED 2,2W

- Scotch Club A 30 : Ø30cm x D 11,2cm
Bulbs: 2x E27 LED Standard 8W or 2x E27 FBT 18W

About Marset 

Marset is a Spanish company founded in 1965 by Francisco Marset. She takes care of light and its different nuances in order to create different atmospheres and improve the quality of life of her clients. Marset devotes its time to designing first-class designer lamps. 

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Data sheet
Material Ceramic diffuser with an interior of brilliant white enamel or gold. Reflector in white or gold depending on the color of the diffuser’s inner part.
Dimensions Ø: 40 cm X W: 14.7 cm Ø: 30 cm X W: 11.2 cm
Color White-white, White-gold, Blue-white, Blue-gold, Terracotta-white, Terracotta-gold, Black-white, Black-gold
Designer Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah
Brand Marset
Made in Spain
Recommended bulbs Scotch Club A 40: 2x E27 LED Standard 8W 2x E27 FBT 18W; Scotch Club A 30: 2x G9 ECO 33W 2x G9 LED 2.2W
Socket type lamp G9, E27
Date of design 2013
Article Number A656-025, A656-026, A656-027, A656-028, A656-029, A656-030, A656-031, A656-032, A656-081, A656-082, A656-083, A656-084, A656-085

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