Moooi Heracleum Endless

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The Heacleum Endless is a dream come true for everyone who wanted an official and ‘profound’ version of the twinkle/fairy lights. Now you can have a perpetual party ambiance with the elegant sophisticated of the Heracleaum Endless’ intricate, labyrinthine design!

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Brand: Moooi

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Designed by Bertjan Pot, the design of the Heracleum Endless by Moooi was inspired by a ‘blossom of branches’ that are growing out of reach. Highly conceptualized and brilliantly executed, the Heracleum Endless embodies that beautiful whimsical beauty in a brilliant, fairytale-esque fashion that would attract even the most hardcore pessimists. The meticulous beauty of this lighting fixture is the epitome of alluring and magical.

In addition to its superb aesthetics, the Heracleum Endless is also extremely versatile! There are very few variable that this lighting fixture cannot achieve. From straight lines, corners and even geometric ensembles, the Heracleum Endless can be retrofitted according to the users’ aesthetics. This means that the throw of light is also quite personalized and customizable. The Heracleum Endless features a dramatic aesthetic that can ramp up the aura of any interior design.

The Heracleum Endless is fitted with a grand total of 45 LED’s that make up its magical looks. It’s powered through the Electrosandwich by Marcel Wanders and comes with a dimmer! Note that a non-recommended dimmer can lead to unforeseen damage, so always check the manual first!

The unparalleled beauty and customizable lighting experience makes the Heracleum Endless the perfect choice for all contemporary home designs!

Data sheet
DimensionsL : 116cm x H: 37-57 cm
ColorCopper, Nickel
Cable length4m
Cable colorTransparent
DesignerBertjan Pot
Made inHolland
Light SourceLED
Max. Watt12W
Power consumption12W
Colour temperature2700K
Date of design2014
Power - Lumens400 lm

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