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Artsy, dinky and extremely retro-stylish, the Juuyo light fixture from Moooi’s collection is a work of art! This fixture is a commendable blend of brilliant artwork and essential functionality that come together to give you a unique idiosyncratic design which will instantly attract everyone with its distinct look and form.

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  • Peach Flowers
  • Koi Carp Tattoo
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Brand: Moooi

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Designed by Lorenza Bozzoli, the form of Moooi’s Juuyo was inspired by soft shapes and elegant prints. Doused with vibrant colors, the overall form of this lighting fixture is nothing short of poetic. Its beautiful ceramic inlay are reminiscent of traditional Eastern heritage; particularly the Geisha culture and their predecessors, known as the Juuyo. So if you’re looking for a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, this lighting fixture will surely attract you the most!

The Juuyo from Moooi’s light fixture collection comes in three very distinct aesthetics. First off, the Juuyo Koi Carp Tattoo features an exuberant koi carp cut, soft shapes and gentle streams and flowers that moulds itself around the interior inlay of this lamp. When lit, it would unfold a miniature scenic view within the interior of the lamp itself.

On the other hand, the Juuyo Peach Flower is a particularly beloved scene stealer; featuring a delicate branch of peach flowers around the curved belly of this light fixture. The symbolic meaning constitutes of concepts like beauty, youth and rebirth for everyone touched by this lamps light.

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum is the simple Juuyo lamp of plain white ceramic with a textile cord, for all those who embrace the minimalistic way of life.

All three styles are quite grand and beautiful in their own right.

Data sheet
Material Glazed ceramics with decal inside
Dimensions L: 24cm x H: 23cm
Color White
Cable length 4m
Cable color Black
Designer Lorenza Bozzoli
Brand Moooi
Made in Holland
Number of lamps 1
Socket type lamp E12 / E14
Max. Watt 28W
Date of design 2012

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