Northern Lighting Acorn Suspension

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The new Northern Lighting Acorn Suspensionluminaire is designed to remind you of a warm, soft and quiet of autumn in Scandinavian forest. Natural and available in two colour variations, this lamp is a fantastic add-on for any office or home space.

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Brand: Northern Lighting


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A suspension with such a refreshing design looks like the upper part – the hat of an acorn. This top part of the lamp, covering the wire, is made of oak, while its cover is made of aluminum.

The Northern Lighting Acorn Suspensionwas inspired by the nature, giving the lamp organic shapes and a discreet profile.

This pendant lamp belongs to a new generation of design, copying nature's beauty in a functional object. Created colored or whitish or gray matte aluminum and oak lamp combines natural materials with modest stains.

The Acorn lamp is a natural complement to the modern interiors and a great way to light up the countertops, tables and countertops.

This interesting suspension lamp is made of natural materials like Aluminium and oak and comes available with matt off–white or matt grey (Pantone Cool Grey 11) colour variations. The white version has an off-white silk wire, while the grey version comes with the grey silk wire.

The aim of Northern Lighting is to create and inspire. This is achieved through the conception of original ideas so unique that conventional methods appear utterly outdated.

Northern Lighting combines modern pieces with esteemed classics using high-quality materials. All Northern Lighting lamps are enjoyable to use and fill the gap between practicality and elements of luxury and class.

The Northern Lighting lamp collection includes pendant lights, floor lamps, wall lights, table lamps, candleholders, and tea lights. Each lighting product created is meant to improve the quality of the light dispersed along with the associated atmosphere. Northern Lighting’s lamps produce a soft light that allows for a soothing, relaxed environment. The alternative of which is a moody tone created by dim glows.

The brand’s lamp collection is developed in partnership with designers, tastemakers, and trendsetters throughout the world. Having been founded in Oslo in 2005, Northern Light’s creations are inspired by Scandinavian minimalism along with the ever-changing appearance of the Nordic light. Northern Light’s lamps are distributed worldwide along with a guarantee of quality, environmental consciousness, and superiority in design.


Data sheet
Material Aluminium, steel and oak
Dimensions Ø: 48cm - H: 34cm
Cable length 3m
Designer Atle Tveit
Brand Northern Lighting
Made in Norway
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 100W
Voltage 230V
Weight 2.3kg

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