Pani Jurek Hook Line

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An elegant industrial touch

The Hook Line lamp is versatile and decorative. The hook allows the light to be positioned wherever you want. Designed by young Polish designer artist Magda Jurek for Warsaw-based design studio Pani Jurek, this stunning Hook Line Lamp pairs a long, thick rope cord with a cool, glazed ceramic socket and pleasingly rotund bulb.

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190,00 €tax incl.

Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks.

Brand: Pani Jurek


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Hook Line story

A long scroll of the Hook Line Lamp and industrial hook allow the light to be positioned at least at two points. It can be used both as a central light or as a sconce lamp on the wall. The 3 metre rope allows decorative knots and loops to be tied. A steel hook emphasizes the industrial character of the light.

An industrial hook connected to the cable adds a degree of playfulness to the lamp: loop, twist, tie, knot and hook the cable however inspiration strikes. As much of an installation piece as a highly functional luminary, the Hook Line lamp can be hung, stretched and coiled to create endlessly varied effects.

The Hook Line lamp is available in nine different sets of colors:
- Brown (Tan) cable with a black hook and lamp holder.
- Brown (Tan) cable with a yellow hook and lamp holder.
- Blue cable with a red hook and lamp holder.
- Black cable with a yellow hook and lamp holder.
- Red cable with a blue hook and lamp holder.
- Red cable with a black hook and lamp holder.
- Silver cable with a yellow hook and lamp holder.
- Black cable, hook and lamp holder.
- White cable, hook and lamp holder.

Brand & Designer

Pani Jurek was founded by Magda Jurek, artist and designer. She graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and brings a conceptual approach to her work with the aim of creating products which are not obvious and not standard. She designs products which you can changed and rearranged together with spaces and which also awaken your own creativity.


She credits her design approach in part to growing up in Polish prefabricated apartment blocks during the nineteen eighties. Within limited spaces, products needed to be compact and also multi-functional. She is also an advocate sustainability. With items which can be used in multiple ways, you can limit your purchasing needs. Pani Jurek is also co-founder of the Association “Based in Warsaw” which was set up to achieve social design as well as design for public areas.


Data sheet
Material Polypropylene, Glazed Ceramic, Metal Hook, Textile Cable
Dimensions Ø: 47cm, x H: 110 cm
Color Brown (Tan), black - Brown (Tan), yellow - Blue, red - Black, yellow - Red, blue - Red, black - Silver, yellow - Black - White
Cable length 3m
Designer Magda Jurek
Brand Pani Jurek
Made in Poland
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 100W
Appliance classes Class II
Weight 3kg

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