Petite Friture Cherry LED Chandelier

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Petite Friture Cherry LED Chandelier is nothing but a fun lighting system that pleases those who are fond of minimalism and geometry. Petite Friture Cherry LED Chandelier consists of a simple metal cone and a shimmering, rainbow-colored sphere fixed to its glass bottom. The Cherry LED Chandelier by Petite Friture makes a strong presence in any dining room or upscale living room.

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Brand: Petite Friture

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Look no further than the Petite Friture Cherry LED Chandelier if all you want is an elegant, modern, and matchless LED chandelier. The Cherry LED Chandelier Petite Friture available in Black, White, Mint Green, or Brown Red color is an adorable chandelier born out of a drop of perception, a smattering of enthrallment and abundance of conviction! With the Petite Friture Cherry LED Chandelier, you can never feel indifferent.

The design Cherry LED Petite Friture Chandelier is produced with the true French appeal and attraction. The LED Petite Friture Cherry Chandelier produces a surprisingly original and stylish light. The Petite Friture Cherry LED Chandelier is ornamental focal point that sets the tone of any room. For the best results, just opt for the styles that complement the surrounding decor or choose attention-grabbing and dazzling pieces with big character.

Cherry Petite Friture LED Chandelier expresses the French way of life. The chandelier not only awakes emotions, but also surprises. It comes with all the essentials features that make it the one of the best lighting fixtures in the lighting industry all over the world. As a matter of fact, Petite Friture Cherry LED Chandelier is among the best-selling renowned collections and a designer classic. The Cherry LED Chandelier Petite Friture makes use of leather, glass, French china, Portuguese Earth-ware, and Polish steel.

Data sheet
Material Steel, matt grained powder coating, Aluminium, matt grained powder coating, Mirror finish steel, Disseminating fire resistant plexiglass
Dimensions D: 65 cm x H : 5 cm
Weight 5.9 kg
Color Black, White, Mint Green, Brown Red
Cable length 3m
Cable color White or Black
Designer Daniel - Emma
Brand Petite Friture
Made in France
Light Source LED
Number of lamps 5
Voltage 220-240V
Power - Lumens 5 x 1040 lm
Article Number L0541101, L0541102, L0541103, L0541104
Cleaning instruction Clean with a soft, lint-free cloth (slightly damp). No scraper

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