Petite Friture Vertigo Nova Wall Lamp

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Petite Friture and Constance Guisset, an inseparable duo with lofty ambitions, have started a new chapter of the Vertigo story with Vertigo Nova: a highly technical piece of sophisticated design.

A timeless looking classic wall lamp is how we describe it in our company. It has a modern look with due to its design and aesthetics, it is available in two simple colors. Buy it today and get your home the class it deserves.

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Brand: Petite Friture

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The collection includes items, from table and floor lamps to suspension and wall lights, all available in either black or white. The vast veil of graphic lines mounted atop a sphere of handblown glass uses built-in LED technology to emit a soft light.

Vertigo Nova quivers as the geometric curve of the fiberglass hoop. Installed by hand by qualified French artisans and held delicately but firmly in place by taught ribbons, reacts to the lightest of breezes.

Vertigo Nova is the epitome of striking a balance between technology and elegance. Its name derived from a star, the lamp sculpture intrigues with its lines and moves and seduces with its unique style.

“Vertigo Nova is born of the desire to work and shape light as an object, to soften and mould it. Here, the technical prowess lies in the mysterious sand-blasted glass. The purely functional is transformed into something beautiful, where only that which is essential remains: a light and delicate veil floating between two worlds”. Constance Guisset.

Wall lamps provide most of the light for a room, and it's crucial to choose the right one that provides bright light and class with its look. The Petite Friture Vertigo Nova Wall Lamp delivers both look and lighting wise because of its perfectly engineered design. Constance Guisset, who has won three different awards for her work and she proved the brilliance of her work once again with this design.

This lamp is available in two classic colors fitting to all kinds of the environment while enriching the look of the room. This futuristic spaceship look is not only great to look at but durable at the same time. Fiberglass, steel, polyurethane, Triplex glass, aluminum, Steel wall canopy, and tube are materials used to assemble this unique looking lamp. The stealthy look of this lamp keeps subtle and simple yet modern and unique. It is a 43.3-inch lamp that operates a 10W illuminate, and it is big and bright all in one. It will look great in halls or in bedrooms providing most of the light for the room with its bright and huge design. It will also be perfect for any big room that needs light to reach every corner.

Data sheet
Material Fiberglass, steel, polyurethane, Triplex glass, aluminum, steel wall canopy and tube. Magnetic closure
Dimensions Ø: 110 cm; 100cm space between wall and center glass. Possible rotation around axis of wall canopy (within the limits of shade dimension).
Color Black, White
Designer Constance Guisset
Brand Petite Friture
Made in France
Light Source LED
Max. Watt 10W
Colour temperature 2700K (warm white light)
Date of design 2020
Power - Lumens 1350 lm
Article Number 999-1864, 999-1863

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