Pholc Bellman Wall Lamp

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There are a lot of wall lamps out there but here is a one of a kind lamps that brings elegance and an ambient feel to your spaces. With the Pholc Bellman Wall Lamp, it is certain that you will always be filled with cheer and relaxation. This wall lamp has most certainly set a high bar that will take its competitors quite a long time to catch up. This is the lamp for you.

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Brand: Pholc

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When you have meticulous design in mind, look no further than the Pholc Bellman Wall Lamp. The lamp comes with a strong wall mounting feature that allows for easy setting up of the lamp. It also ensures you can focus the lamp into any desired direction.The lamp features a lon suspension that holds a bright light source that ensures proper light distribution. It comes in a variety of colors that give its buyers a wide variety to choose from which enables you to choose one that will work best and fit in with your desired theme seamlessly. These are black and white. This lamp is most ideal for kitchens, dining room spaces and mostly almost all spaces. It is also great for outdoor walls. It can produce enough light to illuminate these spaces with utmost ease. This is from its great design that makes it stand out while still providing adequate lighting for its users.

The materials used in the construction of the Pholc Bellman Wall Lamp makes very durable and this assures you of long periods of service delivery. This lamp has a natural and non-flickering light that protects your eyes. This wall lamp puts the health and well-being of its users before everything else. This wall lamp is designed so as not to take up a lot of space but still deliver a lot more than your conventional wall lamps. With the Pholc Bellman Wall Lamp, you will not only save on your electricity costs but also have an additional benefit of perfect and eye-catching design that will most certainly make you relaxed and even more energized.

Data sheet
Material Aluminium
Dimensions D: 16 cm x H: 46 cm x W: 130-205 cm
Color Black, White
Cable length 5m
Cable color PVC cable, matching color as shade
Designer Sabina Grubbeson
Brand Pholc
Made in Sweden
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 1 x 42W
Appliance classes Class II
Technical information Dimming: No, on/off switch; Mounting: Cable type
Weight 5.10 kg
Packaging 137 x 50 x 19 cm (L x W x H)
Date of design 2016
Article Number 311213, 311215

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