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The Pott Caló Pendant is a fresh new spin on the traditional Spanish water jugs known as “botijos.” The designer for Pott, Miguel Angel designed this pendant lamp which is a great addition to any rustic area.

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  • Ø 30cm
  • Ø 40cm
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Brand: Pott

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Pott, located in Barcelona, Spain, is an up and coming company. Pott likes to use earth as their source of inspiration, and also as the main source for their materials. The relationship between the designer and the environment the designer is in, emerges the inspirations for the forms and concepts which Pott incorporates in its collections. All Pott creations are handmade and follow a single creation process. Pott believes that each square meter of land holds something magical, and what results is a unique source of inspiration for the brand and designer. Pott believes that local materials and traditions should be shared with the rest of the world.

The immediate environment strongly influences all of Pott work. All of their creations are made one at a time in the workshop. Each project begins as a simple design and enhanced with style. Because they are made singularly, each piece is unique and special.

Miguel Angel, a frequent designer for Pott, has launched the Pott Caló Pendant. This pendant lamp was inspired and designed after a Spanish ceramic pot that was used for centuries as a water jug, known as a “botijo.” These jugs were hung around homes or in nearby trees, keeping the water cool from the hot Mediterranean sun. This fresh new twist makes the Pott Caló Pendant a classical-modern type pendant. It is available in two sizes and four colors. These include: white, terra-cotta, blue and grey.

Data sheet
Dimensions 265Ø x 400 mm - 200Ø x 300 mm
Cable length 2m
Cable color White
Brand Pott
Made in Spain
Light Source 40cm: E27 / 30cm: E14

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