Pott SpongeUp!

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An unusual clay piece with an unique design

A warm and porous light, coming from the handmade pottery skin. SpongeUp! consists of a clay sphere where the light slips through thus becomes more than a lamp. The SpongeUp! pendant lamp achieves a very particular look along it’s uneven surface. Handmade in Spain by Pott.

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246,84 €vat incl.

290,40 €vat incl.


  • Ø: 10 cm
  • Ø: 20 cm
  • Ø: 30 cm
  • Ø: 40 cm
  • Ø: 60 cm
Shipped within 1-2 weeks

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Brand: Pott


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The SpongeUp! story

Pott’s SpongeUp! pendant lamp was created in Spain and inspired by sea sponges. These hand crafted ceramic lights are peppered with small holes that disperse the light just stunningly. The lamp is just gorgeous during the day and at night it creates a great play of light, shadow and surface texture.

The ceramic SpongeUp! lamps would make ideal living room light, its subtly beauty is perfect above a dining table in a dining room or how about a row of these ceiling lights in a family kitchen? The lamp is hand crafted by master craftspeople on the Iberian Peninsula.

Pott’s SpongeUp! pendant lamp is available in four colour choices:
- Black manganese
- Soft terracotta
- Red
- White

Pott’s SpongeUp! pendant lamp is also available in three sizes:
- Ø: 20cm
- Ø: 30cm
- Ø: 40cm


Brand & Designer

The Iberian Peninsula has long been home to a breathtaking array of finely honed old-world crafts. Rather than idly watch these disappear, Miguel Ángel García Belmonte founded Pott, a Spanish label committed to utilising ancient handcraft to realise bold, new products fit for the contemporary home.

Far from being a conservative project, Pottery Project creates products perfectly balanced between old and new. Its ceramic objects pair exquisite, exacting handcraft with a boldly contemporary vision—a fantastic example of the creativity and quality at work in the current Spanish design scene.

Data sheet
Material Terracotta
Dimensions Ø10cm x 8cm - Ø20cm x 16cm - Ø30cm x 26cm - Ø40cm x 32cm - Ø60cm x 45cm
Weight 10cm: 0.2kg - 20cm: 0.45kg - 30cm: 0.75kg - 40cm: 1.5kg - 60cm: 5kg
Color Black Manganese - Pale Terracotta - Red - White
Cable length 0.8m
Cable color White
Designer Miguel Ángel García Belmonte
Brand Pott
Made in Spain
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E27
Voltage 220-240V
Remarks Ceiling rose included

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