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Zappy// The living lamp

Inspired by the cone of the french woods, this lamp arouses the feel of nature and forest into your home! Zappy, the carefully handmade lamp of certified ash or oak, illuminates any indoor space with sublime light quality.

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335,20 €tax incl.

419,00 €tax incl.


  • Small version Ø: 36cm x H: 43cm
  • Big version Ø: 55cm x H: 65cm
  • Oak
  • Ash
Delivery: 3-4 weeks.

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Brand: Schneid


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Zappy story

Inspired by the cone of the French pine, this lamp was designed in 2012. The Zappy stands out with its very high light yield. Cold illuminants get filtered through high quality oak or ash panels, so that any indoor space gets illuminated with sublime light quality. This translucent lamp shade arouses the feel of nature and forest into your home. Its unusual shape suits perfectly above big dining tables and even corridors shine in new splendor. The lamp displays the strong natural structure of the wood and impresses as a beautiful light object.

This lamp is hand manufactured of untreated, certified wood in Northern Germany.

The Zappy is available in a small and bigger size. The small version has a diameter of 36cm and is 43cm heigh, while the small version has a diameter of 55cm and is 65cm heigh.

The pendant lamp Zappy by Schneid is equipped with 3m of textile cable and a high-quality ceiling rose CableCup®.


Brand & Designer

Schneid follows a simple and clear philosophy in design and in the production of their products. They want to help you to improve and to simplify your life. All of the Schneid products are based on the same principles: Their aim is to make aesthetic lamps and furniture with a high focus on ecology, locality, innovation and fairness towards people and our environment. Schneid stands for a Scandinavian way of thinking: Their designs have formal purity, functionality and a minimalist approach.


A trained carpenter and architect, Niklas Jessen became fascinated with interior design during his studies. In 2010 he founded the company Schneid and has been developing interior furniture and lighting since then.

Julia Mülling studied literature but was also passionate about photography, illustration and design. This affinity for the visual arts and design refused to go away and she brought her penchant for form and distinct comprehension of aesthetics to Schneid in 2012. She has been defining and developing forms and concepts at Schneid ever since.

Ceiling rose Brand & Designer

The CableCup® is characterized by its discrete design. The focus should be on your lamps. Function without attracting attention was the intent of the design. What’s unique about CableCup’s ceiling rose is that it can be turned inside out. This provides a number of advantages. You can see what you’re doing when you’re hanging your lamp. With the new ceiling rose, there’s always a perfect fit between the lamp and ceiling, without gaps. The soft material also means that the rose’s shape adjusts itself to the length of the ceiling hook.


The Swedish designers are Lars Wettre and Jonas Forsman. The actual idea of being able to turn a ceiling rose inside out came to Lars while he was sleeping. The morning after he started work with making a rose that could be turned inside out so as to meet all the demands placed on a ceiling rose. Lars and Jonas worked together in developing the function and design of the ceiling rose, which received the name CableCup. They developed a simple a small solution for ceiling lamps. The CableCup® is extremely easy to install due to the soft material and the fact that it can be turned inside out. You see what you’re doing while installing the ceiling rose and there is always a perfect fit between the lamp and the ceiling. 

Data sheet
Material Ash or Oak
Dimensions Zappy Small: Ø: 36cm x H: 43cm - Zappy Big: Ø: 55cm x H: 65cm
Cable length 3m
Cable color Basic White - Ice blue - Deep Black - Smooth creme - Coral Orange - Light Yellow
Designer Niklas Jessen & Julia Mülling
Brand Schneid
Made in Germany
Bulb included No
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 60W
Weight Zappy Small: 4kg - Zappy Big: 5kg
Remarks Cablecup inclusief

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