Secto Design Victo Small 4251 Pendant

New product

  • A resized solution of the popular Victo 4250
  • Perfect for compact interiors and captivating lamp installations.
  • Attractive both on its own and in groups.
  • Handmade in Finland by highly skilled craftsmen.
  • Available in four different finishes (natural, black, white of Walnut veneer)

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Brand: Secto Design


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A resized solution of the popular Victo 4250 to compact interiors and captivating lamp installations. Attractive both on its own and in groups. This peaceful and harmonious pendant is often seen creating a pleasant atmosphere around it regardless of the location. The Victo 4251 fits in many spaces because of its lightness. The subtle geometric design is simple but accomplishes a decorative and fascinating light. Designed by architect Seppo Koho, who once again stayed true to his credo that “light should softly invite people to come closer” the Victo 4251 glows stunningly through its birch slats.

Brand & Designer

Secto Design and designer Seppo Koho crossed paths in 1995 when Tuula Jusélius was seeking a designer for her new company, whose first products were furniture made of innovative glue-laminated wood. The very first time Tuula Jusélius and the newly graduated design architect Seppo Koho met they knew they were kindred spirits: The two share a respect for Northern wood as well as Scandinavian, clear design and professional woodworking.

Customers who bought furniture from the company complained about not finding suitable lamps to go with the furniture. Tuula Jusélius noticed the same: there simply were no wooden lamps on the market. So Seppo Koho received a commission. The result was the Secto pendant lamp that is still the backbone of the collection.



Secto Design shades are made of PEFC certified, flawless Finnish birch veneers that are formpressed into blanks. The blanks are cut into slats, which are sanded and finally connected using rings of aircraft plywood. The slats are glued and nailed to the rings. All the lamps are finished and checked carefully before sending them to their destinations. All the work is carried out in Finland.

With their clear but interesting architectonic forms Secto Design lamps are spaces in themselves. The light source is hidden inside the shade to prevent blinding the viewer. The warm light reflecting from the birch emphasizes space and creates an inviting environment.


Ecology matters

The Secto Design lamps are initially designed for energy saving bulbs and today Secto Design is actively searching for new, low-energy light sources such as the best possible LEDs. The birch of the Secto Design lamps is produced in Central Finland that is transported only short distances. During production recycling and sorting are paid attention to, and sawdust, for example, is used to make wood pellets for the heating of houses.

As the manufacturer of electronic products, Secto Design is responsible for the recycling and waste management of its products according to the European Union's WEEE Directive and Finnish waste legislation. Secto Design is a member of SELT Association.

Data sheet
Material Form pressed birch slats
Dimensions H: 39 cm x Ø: 45 cm
Weight 1 kg
Cable length 1.5m
Cable color White - Black
Designer Seppo Koho
Brand Secto Design
Made in Finland
Bulb included Yes (Airam Pro LED, E27, 12 W, 1060 lumen, 3000 K, pure white, dimmable)
Recommended bulbs LED - The use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V bulbs in Secto Design lamps is prohibited, due to overheating.
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 20W
Voltage 220-240VAC 50Hz
Dimmable Attachable to DALI systems with a separate DALI-compatible trailing edge (phase cut off) type dimmer. Due to great variation in DALI systems, Secto Design does not supply DALI-dimmers. Please contact your local electrician.
Technical information Please note that the use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V bulbs in Secto Design lamps is forbidden, due to overheating.
Suitable for outdoor use No
Packaging 49 × 49 × 48 cm, 2,5 kg
Remarks Ceiling plug and ceiling cup included
Cleaning instruction Wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

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