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Seletti’s Neon Art lamp series consists of the entire alphabet, with each letter made up of a neon light in the form of the letter. When turned on, these neon lights emit illumination, lighting up the letter which they are shaped as. The idea behind the Neon Art series is to purchase various letters in order to spell out different words. For example, you could pick ‘L’, ‘O’, ‘V’, and ‘E’ to spell out ‘love’ for an anniversary party.

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Brand: Seletti

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These lamps are perfect for decoration. You can choose to have them as a permanent feature in your home, or simply bring them out for specific celebrations. Either way, they are bound to create an impact and allow a sufficient form of customization for you to decide on words that best suit your environment.

The Neon Art lamp series is made out of neon tube glass and should be placed in interior, home spaces only. The lights are not for professional use. The dimensions of the Neon Art lamp series are as follows: width approximately 6.7 cm and height approximately 17 cm. Naturally, the dimensions of each letter vary according to its particular shape. The required transformers are sold separately and the number can vary according to the type of letters used to compose the sign. The lamps each weigh 0.8 kg.

About Seletti

The Seletti brand’s background is filled with innovation and progress. It was founded in 1964 and has, since then, chased the goal of expertness, service, and never-ending product research. Seletti constantly aspires to improve, innovate, and be entirely unique. The brand is a family business, presently managed by Stefano and Miria Seletti. The company introduced optimization of products, into the industry, along with more creative approaches to packaging.

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Data sheet
Material Neon Tube Glass
Dimensions h. cm. 17 ≈ – h. 6.7″ ≈
Brand Seletti
Made in Italy
Voltage 230v – 50Hz
Power consumption 8W
Weight 0.8000 kg
Remarks Warm light
Date of design 2013

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