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Seletti’s Verso Lamp consists of a form reminiscent to stairs with a small figurine positioned in a seated stance on the last step. The illumination comes from below the figurine’s feet. The Verso Lamp is available in white and antracite.

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Brand: Seletti

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The Verso Lamp series is made out of aluminium and metal. Both variations of the lamp are to be placed in interior spaces only. The dimensions of the Verso Lamp are as follows: length 42 cm, width 16 cm, and height 37 cm. The specifications for the bulb are as follows: 6W - 600mA - 10V, input: AC 100-240V-50/60 Hz - 0.3A, output: DC 12V - 1.0A, Max. 12W. The Verso Lamp weighs 0.9 kg.

The Verso Lamp series was designed by Gio Tirotto. The designer’s inspiration comes from all that surrounds him, both living and non-living. Tirotto aims to merge art and design as well as illustrate the existing collaboration between man and object. He is of the belief that ceremony, memory, creativity form the foundation of everything. Tirotto has been quoted saying, “I act in order to be a bridge that connects thought and message, unavoidable goal of my artistic language”.

About Seletti

The Seletti brand’s background is filled with innovation and progress. It was founded in 1964 and has, since then, chased the goal of expertness, service, and never-ending product research. Seletti constantly aspires to improve, innovate, and be entirely unique. The brand is a family business, presently managed by Stefano and Miria Seletti. The company introduced optimization of products, into the industry, along with more creative approaches to packaging.

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Data sheet
Material Aluminium, Metal
Dimensions L: 16cm × W:42cm X H: 37cm
Designer Gio Tirotto
Brand Seletti
Made in Italy
Max. Watt 12W
Voltage Input: AC 100-240V-50/60 Hz – 0.3A output: DC 12V – 1.0 A
Power consumption 6W
Technical information 600mA – 10V
Weight 0.9 kg

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