Studio Italia Kelly Sphere

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This sphere pendant is a great at-home addition to your modern home style or if you are looking to complete your Kelly lamp collection from Studio Italia Design.

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  • Small: 40cm
  • Medium: 50cm
  • Large: 80cm
Delivery: 2-3 weeks

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Brand: Studio Italia


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The sphere pendant, completes the dome look, as appearing in a full globe shape, hanging from your ceiling. Unlike the dome, the sphere pendant is a fully encased shape and completes not only the shape of a sphere, but continues forward with the almost see-through web-like construction. This gives the owner a complete new experience, but sticks with the tradition of the Kelly collection and stays true to its design.

The sphere pendant lamp is a great contribution to any living area that is modernised in shape and theme as well. The Sphere Pendant is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large, with different measurements for each.

The small sphere 40 is at a height (and width, it is a sphere) of 40 cm, or fifteen point seventy four inches. The length from the top of the lamp to the sphere is a maximum of 250 cm, which is ninety-eight point forty two inches.
The medium sphere 50 is at a measurement of 50 cm, which is nineteen point sixty-eight inches. The length from the top of the lamp to the sphere is the same as the small sphere.
The large sphere 80 doubles in size from the small sphere, at 80 cm, which is thirty-one point forty nine inches.

All sizes of the Kelly Sphere Pendant can use three different light bulbs, whether its the plain E27 LED light bulb, the E27 Classic A60, with a maximum of 46W bulb, or the E27 CFL compact bulb, with a maximum of 23 W. The lamp comes with a glossy white glass diffuser and comes in the available colors of matte white and coppery bronze.

Data sheet
Material Metal
Dimensions Small 40cm, Medium 50cm, Large 80cm
Color Matt White, Copper
Designer Andrea Tosetto
Brand Studio Italia
Made in Italy
Light Source Classic A60, CFL [compact], LED
Bulb included Yes
Number of lamps 3
Max. Watt 46W, 23W
Weight 5.5kg

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