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This chic lamp set is an epitome of an indoor wall lamp, originally and creatively designed to break the barriers on a dome or half globe construction. The Kelly lamp constructed for the wall is a great addition to complete the set.

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Brand: Studio Italia

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Made spherically, but cut in a way that it is not portraying a full or half, dome, the Kelly Wall lamp is a creative piece designed to balance the techniques of lighting, a seemingly “flawed”, hole filled filtered structure and the bold complete colors.

The Kelly Wall Lamp is a cut and designed with the laser and allows for full access of a light source which when put in together, mismatched with lighting, the lamp produces light effects and shades for an original and inspiring light distribution. The design can be seen as simple and timeless, being created from Studio Italia Design, and is a contribution of the Kelly Collection.

The Wall lamp is 19 cm in height, which is seven point forty-eight inches, and 25 cm in width, which brings to a longer nine point eighty-four inches. From the wall to the edge of the lamp, it extends to 10 cm, which is three point ninety-three inches.

The Kelly Wall lamp is available in coppery bronze metal color and also matte white. It uses a 17W bulb is included in the package. The dimmer however, is not included and must be bought separately. The lamp is dimmable in nature and can be used as such, when the owner would like to process it. There is no metal diffuser included in the lamp or in the framed color. The four step process makes the mounting process relatively easy and can be done in the home without help. The lamp is a perfect fit in any modern home.

Data sheet
Material Metal
Dimensions Ø : 25cm x H: 19cm
Color Matt White, Copper
Designer Andrea Tosetto
Brand Studio Italia
Made in Italy
Bulb included Yes
Number of lamps 1
Max. Watt 17W
Voltage 210-250V

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