Studio Italia Puzzle Round Wall / Ceiling Light

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The Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is a better and more evolved form of Studio Italia’s ‘Puzzle’ light fixture series. While the initial designs were edgy and boxlike in formation, the Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is a circular take on a similar concept. Although the inspiration was drawn from the original series, the ‘Round’ version took a life of its own, and now features a much more enhances and distinguished outlook.

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  • Single Round
  • Double Round
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Brand: Studio Italia

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This light fixture comes with double puzzle leafs, each of which is facing in the opposite direction from the other. With an LED backdrop behind each leaf, you can adjust this fixture to create beautiful lighting effects in your ceiling and walls. It features a modular structure that is delicate yet sturdy at the same time. This juxtaposed effect allows for a spectacular aesthetic that transcends the stylish disposition of its predecessor series.

The Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is a study in beauty, grace and sophistication – all merged in a single, uniquely designed package. Its trendy looks defy the conventional ceiling and wall fixture design, making it an atypical piece that will lend an individual aura to your home. Its unembellished simplicity also gives it a timeless edge that would look absolutely brilliant in any and all contemporary interior design settings.

The Puzzle Round Wall/Ceiling Light is available in two distinct color, each of which has its own personality. The coppery bronze is all about setting up a glamorous effect in a simple way, while the matt white shows off a simple, reflective and completely modern tone.

About the brand:

Studio Italia Design has been the premier designer and producer of modern lighting fixtures since their start in 1950. Based in Venice, Italy their fixtures display the highest quality and design standards and epitomize the prestigious label: “Made in Italy.” They use only the finest materials such as hand-blown glass diffusers crafted in Murano which are then combined with stainless steel, brass and aluminium accents in a variety of finishes.

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Data sheet
Material Metal
Dimensions Single Round: L: 19cm X W: 7.5 cm Double Round: L: 37.5 cm X W: 11.5 cm
Color Frame Color: Matte White, Coppery Bronze
Designer Studio Italia Design
Brand Studio Italia
Made in Italy
Light Source LED
Number of lamps 1, 2
Max. Watt 17W
Voltage 210-250V
Technical information Single Round: Package: Weight (Gross): 0.92 Kg, Pieces: 1, Volume: 0.013 m3 Double Round: Package: Weight (Gross): 1.54 Kg, Pieces: 1, Volume: 0.023 m3
Power - Lumens 1700 lm, 1800 lm, 3400 lm, 3600 lm
Kelvin 2700K, 3000K
CRI 92

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