Tonone Bolt Ceiling Lamp

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Tonone Bolt Ceiling Lamp is a highly functional lamp. Inspired by the raw look of mechanical tools, it brings a different vibe to any bedroom wall space. The no nonsense approach is one of the most interesting in the market today.

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315,00 €tax incl.

  • 1 Arm Underfit
  • 2 Arms Under Fit
  • 1 Arm Side Fit
  • 2 Arms Side Fit
Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

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Brand: Tonone

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BOLT: Relax. It's just a lamp. This is the signature motto for the Tonone BOLT series. The Tonone company was founded in 2013 by Anton de Groof in The Netherlands. Working with local craftsmen, the Tonone company has had much success. Their approach is a highly functional, bold, no nonsense designs that have industrial character. Their innovative designs are inspired by traditional craft tools and mechanics as a visual celebration.

The Tonone Bolt Ceiling Lamp is no exception. BOLT is the first collection launched by Tonone, which embraces Tonone’s love for traditional mechanics. The key element in this industrial series is the joint, that can be adjusted with a wingnut-shaped tool, which is integrated in the design of the lamp itself as a distinguishing visual element.

The Tonone Bolt Ceiling Lamp comes in one variations and seven colors. It has 6 lampshades, all adjustable.The color variations include: Smokey Black, Pure White, Thunder Blue, Flux Green, Striking Orange, Ash Grey, and Lightning White. The Wingnut colors include:Black, Copper, Brass, Steel, Orange, Blue, Red. The Tonone Bolt Ceiling Lamp needs a 200-240 V, E27, (max) 60-Watt light bulb.

The Tonone Bolt Ceiling Lamp is a great addition to any space. The bedroom lamp will bring an amazing splash of light, color, and innovation to any wall bedroom space you add it to. The highly functional lamp is an interesting addition you will love for many years to come.

Data sheet
Material Powder Coated Steel and Aluminum
Dimensions Lamp head ⌀ 150mm X 90mm Lamp head ⌀ 200mm X 100mm 1 Arm Side Fit, 1 Arm Under Fit: Lamp arm 500mm; 2 Arms Under Fit, 2 Arms Side Fit: Lamp double arm 460mm / 500mm
Color Black, White, Blue, Flux Green, Orange, Ash Grey, Midnight Grey, Lightning White
Cable length 4m
Designer Anton de Groof
Brand Tonone
Made in Netherlands
Socket type lamp E27
Max. Watt 60W
Voltage 220-240V
Wingnut colors Black, Copper, Brass, Steel

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