Vibia Cosmos 2515

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Vibia Cosmos 2515 is classy sculptural hanging lamp which in it elegance illuminate light that supplements it structural beauty with it polycarbonate diffuser producing an excellent transmission of light.

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Brand: Vibia

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The Vibia Cosmos 2515 is suspended four-light pendant lamp consisting of floating flat spheres clustered and of different sizes which in ways creates an optical illusionofconstellation with several moon. Manufactured by Vibia and designed by Lievore, Altherr and Molina.

The Vibia Cosmos 2515 comes a variety of colour which helps complements the serenity of the light produced. It comes in Matt dark brown lacquer, Green pantone and light grey pantone which are also well adapted to the environment it finds itself. It needs a constant power supply for it continuous usage as it does not have a battery or power storage. The voltage required for it usage is 230V to which any more volt may damage the lamp.

The product lighting consist of four LED having 4.5wattage of power. The LED technology utilized in Vibia Cosmos 2515 makes the light source too small in magnitude to observe as it not easily perceptible and as such is totally integrated within each of the element. The LED is covered by a polycarbonate diffuser sheets which helps give an excellent optical properties thereby producing an outstanding illumination of the moons.

Vibia Cosmos 2515 is used indoors and it installation is on the surface as it mounted on ceiling having an elongated fibre rod of which the lamp is attached and as such gives a level of room beautification. Vibia Cosmos 2515 beautifies exotic restaurants, dinings, bars as it provide a fine cozy lightings that adapts well to it environment.

The product has dimensions of 280 x 760 x 2000mm which is the length breath and height respectively which when mounted and suspended, it naturally follows from the point it mounted on the ceiling and hence draw a path in such a way that the lights produced is floating.

Data sheet
Material Steel, Polycarbonate
Dimensions L: 28 cm x H: 200 cm
Color Green, Dark Brown, Light Grey
Designer Lievore Altherr Molina
Brand Vibia
Made in Spain
Light Source LED
Bulb included Yes
Number of lamps 4
Max. Watt 4.5 W
Voltage 230V
Appliance classes Class I
Weight 8.1 kg
Colour temperature 2700K (warm white light)
Width 76 cm
Power - Lumens 1961 LM
CRI 80
Dimmable Yes
Article Number 2515-62

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