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Vitra Eye Clock gives a refreshing option to the conventional clocks with its modernist and creative work. Made from metal and wood, Eye Clock by Vitra is styled with a luxury quartz movement, even as its playful build is sure to add an eccentric touch to any of your rooms.

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Brand: Vitra

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Are you looking for an attractive and highly decorative contemporary clock? The Vitra Eye Clock is the answer. The Eye Clock Vitra is among the most unique wall clocks on the market today. The Eye Vitra Clock is powered with 1 AA battery and comes with quartz driven mechanism.

The Vitra Eye Clock is ideal for any interior space like the office or home. The modern Eye Clock by Vitra has a beautiful sculptural shape and it is a stimulating substitute to the normal conventional timekeepers.

The beautiful Vitra Eye Clock is available in various styles and sizes. The elegant modern eye clock is perfect for home office spaces, living rooms, office, kitchens, and living rooms.

Without mincing words, this Eye Vitra Clock will create an eye-catching and ornamental focal point. More importantly, this ground-breaking clock will never go out of style.

Eye Clock Vitra is a sculptural and an impressive art piece that will catch the eye in any room it is used. The carefully designed details and high-quality quartz movements make Eye Clock Vitra a dependable timepiece and a dazzling decorative item. It is characterized by modern spirit, imaginative shapes, and the absence of numbers.

The Vitra Eye Clock is unusual but a stunning clock design. The clock is a refreshing substitute for the normal timekeepers. The Eye Clock Vitra with a stylish design brings playfulness and interest to your space. The clock is constructed from the finest top quality materials, making it stand out from the crowd.

Data sheet
Material Various types of wood and metal.
Dimensions H : 340 mm x B: 760 mm
Color Brass/Walnut
Designer George Nelson
Brand Vitra
Made in Switzerland
Date of design 1948-1960
Details High-quality quartz clock movement, 1.5 volt battery included.
Article Number 201 257 01

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