Where do you ship to and at what price?

We ship worldwide.

Free shipping to following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Finland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Austria

You will also enjoy a free return from these countries, except for Switzerland and the UK, if you are not convinced of your purchase, or if there is something wrong with it. You can create your own return label via our return portal:

Shipping price for other countries:

  • EU Countries: 15 EUR
  • Europe (non-EU): 20 EUR
  • All other countries: 65 EUR

Please note that some lamps and products have boxes that can be out of size for regular sendings and it's possible we'll ask you to pay an extra fee for this shipment. But we'll let you know by email and you can decide to pay the extra price or not.

For returns outside of EU, you can return them back to our warehouse address at your own cost and Delivered Duty Paid. Else we will not be able to accept the lamp back. Our return address is:

Rue du mont d'Orcq 16
7503 Froyennes

I miss a part of my order, what now?

To make sure that part of your order has not been received, we recommend that you check the points below:

  • Have you checked all track & trace codes? Sometimes we ship multiple parcels per order with different track & trace codes. It is also possible that one parcel takes one day longer than the rest.
  • We ship multiple products in one box. Because of this it may be best that your products are in one box. Have you already checked if the missing product might be in the box of another product?

Checked everything and didn't find it? Sorry! Please contact our Customer Advice department and we will help you further.

When will I be delivered?

Firstly please check the delivery time of the product you have ordered. You can find this on the product page, and on the confirmation email. This is different for every brand, and it also depends if we had the item in stock or not.

If the item was not in stock, the status of your order will go to "on order to supplier" and will stay like this until it's received by us and it will be shipped to you the next workday.

If you purchased an item from stock, it will normally be shipped to you the next business day.

Track & trace-code
You can find the track & trace code in the shipping confirmation in your email. 

Delivery details
If you received the tracking code but the item still didn't arrive after 1 week, please check if the delivery address,zip code and house number you entered are correct. You can find this information in the confirmation of your order as well as on the track & trace page.

Maybe you received a postcard from the carrier? Then the parcel has been delivered to the neighbors or is at a pick-up location.

Don't you have clarity yet? Please contact our Customer Advice department.

What should I do if the expected delivery time is over and I haven't heard anything yet?

Nous affichons le délai de livraison prévu sur la page du produit, dans votre panier et dans l'e-mail de confirmation de votre commande. Si nous n'avions pas vos articles en stock, nous devons les commander auprès de la marque, et malheureusement il arrive parfois qu'ils soient retardés.

Cela peut avoir plusieurs causes. Si c'est le cas pour vous, veuillez contacter notre service clientèle. Nous nous rendrons directement chez le fournisseur et vous informerons à ce sujet.

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