When will I be delivered?

Firstly please check the delivery time of the product you have ordered. You can find this on the product page, and on the confirmation email. This is different for every brand, and it also depends if we had the item in stock or not.

If the item was not in stock, the status of your order will go to "on order to supplier" and will stay like this until it's received by us and it will be shipped to you the next workday.

If you purchased an item from stock, it will normally be shipped to you the next business day.

Track & trace-code
You can find the track & trace code in the shipping confirmation in your email. 

Delivery details
If you received the tracking code but the item still didn't arrive after 1 week, please check if the delivery address,zip code and house number you entered are correct. You can find this information in the confirmation of your order as well as on the track & trace page.

Maybe you received a postcard from the carrier? Then the parcel has been delivered to the neighbors or is at a pick-up location.

Don't you have clarity yet? Please contact our Customer Advice department.

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