Northern Lighting Bell

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Each of us is faced with the question of the choice of the luminaire and where to place it. In a great variety of forms and variations, it is difficult to make a choice. The Northern Lighting Bell wall can be just the solution you are looking for.

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Marque: Northern Lighting

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The bell-shaped shiny porcelain pendant light works good as a single source of light, but you can always create a mosaic consisted of several lamps in different colours. Just imagine that sheer beauty of the archetype forms and the game of light that you can enjoy in your home…

Due to its compact configuration, the light source will create a cozy extravaganza highlights. The range of application has a wide range while the Bell creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, and is ideal for use as a suspension over a table, a bar or lounge area.

The idea of creating a collection of stylish porcelain pendant lamp belongs to designer Mark Braun. In order to emphasize the purity and elegance of the porcelain, as well as its ability to be in harmony with electric light, only the outer part of the ceiling is covered with paint. The inner part has a natural neutral white color and well contrasted with the color coating the ceiling.

The Bell pedant light is available in a range of colors inspired by Scandinavian rocks and plants and you can choose between several colour solutions, including White, Grey, Light blue, Mustard yellow, and Old rose.

In addition to the unique appearance, the lamp also makes a beautiful sound, if you knock on it, but be careful ... you do not want to break it, do you?

The aim of Northern Lighting is to create and inspire. This is achieved through the conception of original ideas so unique that conventional methods appear utterly outdated. 


Fiche technique
Matériel Porcelaine
Dimensions Ø: 20,5cm - H: 28cm
Longueur de câble 3m
Designer Mark Braun
Marque Northern Lighting
Fabriqué en Norvège
Socket type lampe E27
Max. Watt 60W
Voltage 230V

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