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It just used to be in the movies where people can control their appliances with a mere touch or swipe on a screen. But now, CableCup created an ingenious way to make this accessible through Atmos. Simply speaking, CableCup Atmos lets you control your lamps by using your smartphone. Since we can do so many things through mobile apps, why not controlling lamps be part of the list?

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There is no need to buy new specialty lamps for that. All you have to do is to replace your old ceiling rose and install CableCup Atmos as a replacement. And voila, this will already enable you to dim, make scenes, and set the time for your old lamps.

But how to manage all these functions? With the help of a downloadable Casambi application, you are able to have control of the lamps individually or in designated groups (living room, office, or dining room). With just a simple tap, turning on and off your lamps is just as easy. Personalize your lighting level for certain activities like family dinners, watching a movie, or entertaining guests. Casambi also created a smart feature of setting the privacy of controls. You can make this open for everyone or password-activated for a more private set-up. And yes, no new lamps, no extra wirings, switches, gadgets, or whatnot! All you have to do is to connect CableCup Atmos to your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0. Just turn on the light switch and enable the Bluetooth on your chosen device.

Not at home? No problem. You can still control your lamps when outside. You just have to leave one device at home making sure that the Bluetooth is on. Find a place where you can have internet access and connect with that device and all is ready for you.

CableCup Atmos is from the Swedish company, CableCup. This smart and quality company sells lamps, ceiling roses, and other innovative tools.

Technische Informatie
Materiaal Silicone
Afmetingen ⌀: 158mm x H: 60mm
Kleur Black, White
Ontwerper Jonas Forsman and Lars Wettre
Merk CableCup
Gemaakt in Zweden
Gewicht 78g
Opmerkingen Technology: Bluetooth

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