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Ceiling roses are probably one of the most practical innovations ever in lighting and fixtures. It covers stubborn and ugly cable wires on the ceiling that ruin the aesthetic look of any room. What’s different and outstanding about CableCup Ceiling Rose is its soft material that allows it to turn inside out without worry of breakage or deterioration. 

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It is also flexible not only in design but also with how it works. You can basically attach it to any kind of ceiling, whether it be in an ordinary room, or the cupboard under the stairs, those tricky attic ceilings, or any room that has a complicated slanted ceiling. CableCup Ceiling Rose is also very easy to install and the no fuss procedure will lessen your time and stress from hiding those ugly wires. 

The design of CableCup Ceiling Rose is also very simple—which is a good thing. Having this simple and straightforward look will not steal the show from the lamp itself. It allows the lamp to shine and stand out while ultimately doing its main function of covering visible wires on the ceiling. The design and structure of CableCup Ceiling Rose also ensures that the extra cable will fit completely and securely inside it, especially for the Classic size which is 158 mm in diameter. 

CableCup Ceiling Rose is available in 3 sizes: Classic (158 mm), Compact (142 mm), and Mini (125 mm). These sizes will let you determine which one directly meets your wiring problems for pendant lamps.

CableCup Ceiling Rose is from the Swedish company, CableCup. This smart and quality company sells lamps, ceiling roses, and other innovative tools.

Technische Informatie
AfmetingenClassic: ⌀ 158mm x 60mm - Compact: ⌀ 142mm x 60mm - Mini: ⌀ 125mm x 60mm
KleurWhite, Black, Red, Grey, Copper
OntwerperJonas Forsman and Lars Wettre
Gemaakt inZweden

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