Enrico Zanolla Bale Pendant

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The task of designing a lamp with essential lines and shape, with both direct and diffuse light has led us to create Bale lamp.

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Merk: Enrico Zanolla


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The archetypical shape (Bale in Friuli language means “ball”) makes it suitable for any kind of interior designs but with a particular attention to contemporary atmospheres.


The decision of making 1/4 transparent glass and 3/4 sandblasted glass rises from the necessity of focusing the direct light on the bottom side and concentrate it on the beneath surface while maintaining an indirect and diffuse lighting on the mid top side.


The function follows the design and design follows the function emphasizing the aesthetic; the function makes the design itself distinctive and recognizable. The difference on the surface is admirable both visually and to the touch.

About Enrico Zanolla : 

Enrico Zanolla studied architecture in one of the most important University in Europe (IUAV) in Venice and graduated in 2004. His works concerning architecture, contract, interior design, industrial design are strictly linked to the sensorial glorification and style. He shows his projects in the most important design exhibitions, cultivating originality in each project he adopts. He developed a particulary attention to shapes, colours, textiles and trends of furniture, design and fashion.


Technische Informatie
Materiaal Glass
Afmetingen 25cm x 22cm
Kleur Amber, Purple, White, Smoked glass
Kabellengte 1.8m
Kabel kleur Zwart
Ontwerper Enrico Zanolla
Merk Enrico Zanolla
Gemaakt in Italië
Lamp inbegrepen Nee
Gewicht 1 kg

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