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Creative and innovative, this lighting designed by Iskos Berlin, makes us travel. Like a plane in the sky traversing the clouds. 

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Wonderful pendant that offer us Lightyears. 

Great for a modern and contemporary environment. It can be alone in a house or in a group in a hotel, a restaurant allowing to play with the structures and the effect of the lamp.  

Made polypropylene, it is soft and delicate. 

The dimensions are as follows : 85 x 34,2mm. It is supplied with a PVC white cable of 6m. 

It diffuses a soft, cosy and comfortable light.  

About Lightyears : 

Lightyears takes pride in creating luminous lighting products that combine tradition and renewal. The core ambition of their collection lies in the fusion of the young and the established. They love the curiosity and boldness of the up-and-coming generation, and they respect the skill and the trained eye of the experienced designers.

Their collection offers modern interpretations of everyday lighting products, and they hope that their collection can shed light on new takes on how and where to use contemporary illumination. This season Lightyears proudly present three new lamps created by some of Europe’s most renowned and talented designers. They hope you’ll love them as much as they do.


Technische Informatie
Materiaal Polyethylene. ABS / PC
Afmetingen Ø : 85 cm x H : 34.2 cm
Kleur White
Kabellengte 6m
Kabel kleur Pvc cable (2 x 0.75 mm2) and metal wire
Merk Lightyears
Gemaakt in Denemarken
Lichtbron LED
Aantal lampen 2
Fitting type lamp E27
Max. Watt 42W
Elektrische veiligheidsklasse Klasse II
Technische informatie Energy label: A ++, A +, A, B, C, D DALI: A Surface: Polyethylene
Artikelnummer LA

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