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Some people like their place appear spacious and light, but it does not have to look so blank especially when you have Caravaggio Read Floor lamp by your bedside or sofa. This floor lamp is so sleek and immaculate, it will not only brighten up the surroundings with its light, but unexpectedly will become one of the main accents of the room.

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Merk: Lightyears

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What’s amazing in this lamp is its ability to rotate 260 degrees to cater to different uses. The design of Caravaggio Read is simply elegant. It is the perfect embellishment for someone who likes a calm, professional, and minimal environment. But you can also never go wrong pairing up this beauty with other printed and colorful patters because it complements any style.

The body of Caravaggio Read stands 1100 mm in height, its base has a circumference of 160 mm and its head is 362 mm in width. The lamp itself has a circumference of 140 mm. It offers different colors for people with varied tastes. The shades are White matt lacquer, Grey25 matt lacquer, Black matt lacquer, and a Hand-blown opal glass in white matt lacquer. This selection of shades can provide you several ideas for interior design according to your own sense and style.

The materials of Caravaggio Read are also of top-notch quality. The White, Grey25, and Black shades are made from drawn steel and die-cast zinc alloy, while the Opal is a hand-blown opal glass and die-cast zinc alloy.

Lightyears is the Danish company responsible for the creation of Caravaggio Read. Danish designer Cecilie Manz created the design of Caravaggio Read. According to the accomplished designer, design should never out shadow light itself. For her, designs should be innovative, rejuvenating or inspire improvement to earn valid recognition. Caravaggio Read is definitely a by-product of these principles.

Technische Informatie
MateriaalWhite, Grey25, Black: Drawn steel and die-cast zinc alloy Opal: Hand-blown opal glass and die-cast zinc alloy
Afmetingen⌀: 140mm x H: 1100mm
KleurWhite, Grey, Black, Opal
Kabel kleurGrijs
OntwerperCecilie Manz
Gemaakt inDenemarken
Lamp inbegrepenJa
Aantal lampen1
Max. Watt46W
Elektrische veiligheidsklasseKlasse II
EnergieverbruikMax. 46W
Technische informatie E27 max 46W L: 93 mm | Ø: 45 mm Grey PVC cord with plug, cable length 2.5 m, 3-step touch dimmer on the stand to adjust the light intensity
OpmerkingenCertifications: CE
Datum van ontwerp2016

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