Lightyears Caravaggio Read Table

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This table lamp is no different than its bigger floor lamp version, except for the size. It can also rotate 260 degrees to carry more flexibility in its use. The light intensity is also adjustable which makes this lamp so practical and easy to use.

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Merk: Lightyears

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The body of Caravaggio Read stands 500 mm in height, while its base has a circumference of 124 mm and its head is 314 in width mm. The lamp itself has a circumference of 140 mm. It has different shades to choose from. The shades are White matt lacquer, Grey25 matt lacquer, Black matt lacquer, and a Hand-blown opal glass in white matt lacquer. This selection of shades can provide you plenty of interior design ideas to spruce up your place.

The materials of Caravaggio Read are also of top-notch quality. The White, Grey25, and Black shades are made from drawn steel and die-cast zinc alloy, while the Opal is a hand-blown opal glass and die-cast zinc alloy.

Lightyears is the Danish company responsible for the creation of Caravaggio Read. Danish designer Cecilie Manz created the design of Caravaggio Read. According to the accomplished designer, design should never out shadow light itself. For her, designs should be innovative, rejuvenating or inspire improvement to earn valid recognition. Caravaggio Read is definitely a by-product of these principles.

Technische Informatie
Materiaal White, Grey25, Black: Drawn steel and die-cast zinc alloy Opal: Hand-blown opal glass and die-cast zinc alloy
Afmetingen ⌀: 140mm x H: 500mm
Kleur White matt lacquer Grey25 matt lacquer Black matt lacquer Hand-blown opal glass, white matt lacquer
Kabellengte 2.5m
Kabel kleur Grijs
Ontwerper Cecilie Manz
Merk Lightyears
Gemaakt in Denemarken
Aantal lampen 1
Fitting type lamp E27
Max. Watt 46W
Elektrische veiligheidsklasse Klasse II
Energieverbruik Max. 46W
Technische informatie E27 max 46W, L: 93 mm | Ø: 45 mm, Grey PVC cord with plug, cable length 2.5 m, 3-step touch dimmer on the stand to adjust the light intensity
Opmerkingen Energy Label: A++, A+, A, B, C, D Certifications: CE
Datum van ontwerp 2016

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